6 Things To Know Before Shopping Amazon Primeday #Primeday2017

There's no doubt about it, when you become a parent you also become a broke ass budget conscious shopper. Every penny counts. Every. Friggin'. One.

Since we broke ass parents have to stick together, I'm sharing my mom's group six best tips making Amazon Primeday work for you, and things to keep in mind when purchasing from Amazon in general.

Get Amazon Prime

Primeday means NOTHING without Amazon Prime. In fact, Amazon doesn't make sense most of the time unless you're a Prime member reaping the rewards of fast, free shipping. Even if you have to do it the dodgy way and start a new account with a different email address, get Amazon Prime NOW. For those of you holding out on getting prime because of the upfront $99 payment, now you can pay monthly. Can't afford it, cancel. Keep this in mind for holiday shopping. It's like paying a $10 flat fee for fast shipping for the month!

I cannot recommend enough once you get prime, get ALEXA!  I love her so much. She talks to me, sings, tells jokes, plays ANY song I want, tells me the weather, traffic and pretty much anything else I ask, including recipes!  Get 50% off Amazon Echo on Primeday!

Price Check Before Purchasing

More and more, my broke ass mom friends and I are finding, Amazon's prices are near par with big box stores, and sometimes Amazon charges more for the product! Gone are the days of Amazon beating the store's lowest price by at least 10%. And here's why, Amazon doesn't have revolving sales like big box or Mall Shops. It's not unusual for stores like Macy's, Nordstrom's or Target to regularly clearance the crap out of seasonal products. Amazon does not. Also, major brands are now selling directly through Amazon, charging regular retail prices, and never giving a discount.

Seeing this trend on the rise, before buying anything on Amazon over $20, I copy the name of the product and paste it into a new Google search bar then click the shopping tab to quickly scan the results of the search to for a better price.

Reign-In The Retail Therapy.

I admit it, I've purchased many things from Amazon solely for retail therapy purposes. And I have no shame about it; it's fast, cheap cheer-me-up fun. Thanks to my Amazon Prime,  I can spend less than ten dollars for a little bit of happiness that repeats itself a few days later when my new purchase arrives in the mail. I've learned on those retail therapy days, (Primeday is Def One!) I always check the Amazon daily lighting/ Primeday deals tab then sort showing the lowest price first then set a purchase limit. Thankfully, there may be thirty pages of deals under ten bucks, and hundreds of cool gifts and gadgets I had no clue existed. (Think: Christmas shopping on budget while finding random cool things).

Buddy Bulk Buying

If what you need comes in a package of 10, but you only need two, phone family friend and see if they want to split the package with you. Do this with Prime Pantry and back to school shopping to save a bundle on home and school supplies.

Check for an 'open box deal' in the Amazon Wharehouse 

I've scored a couple of really great things for the help of the box item list the time it's just things that of been returned for one reason or another, some refurbished. Bottom line, Amazon's great return policy makes taking a chance on big box items a no-brainer.

Amazon Is Not The Only One Cleaning House Today

Back-to-school sales kick-off in July, causing many stores to clearance season items to move them off the floor, fast. How else are the stores going to rob you blind during the back-to-school shopping craze AND shove Halloween in your face by the end of August?

Big box stores are under a time crunch to move out summer items to make room for fall and winter inventory, so expect a few great sales and season clearance to come to your local stores, too. Check the local listings over the next couple of weeks. TIP: Most stores do further markdowns on Wednesdays and new markdowns on Thursdays, so focus your in-store shopping days on those days for the best deals.

Ok, Jedi, take what you have learned and go smash Primeday and don't forget, when possible, buy local!

May The Super-Sale Force Be With You... Start shopping now, here, or click the banner below.


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