Father's Day Gifts Dad Actually Wants

Are you desprate to get dad the perfect gift? Want to show up your siblings with the best friggin Father's Day Gift? Have a super awesome husband or boyfriend who deserves a super special gift?  Below are a few super-fun and thoughtful Father's Day gifts ANY dad will LOVE! 

**Today I am partnering DadGifts.Com with to bring you a few of my favorite Thoughtful Father's Day Gift ideas. All ideas and opinions are my own! 

1.  Father's Day Fill-in The Blank Printables. 

These are so much fun to do with kids young and old. The answers your child(ren) gice is PRICELESS! I laighed so hard two years ago when we did this the first time. THis year marks the third, and I can't wait to see what Ollie answers! Seriously,  DO THIS!

2. Father's Day photo collage

I LOVE this idea from, Positively Splendid. Something so simple and easy to make will be a life-long cherished conversation piece for home or work.

3. Skip the tie and grab a funky bowtie! 

I ran across Ethan, a 15 year-old entrepreneur and fashion designer, at a local street market. His handmade funky and fun bowties blew me away. Seriously, the kid is bringing the bowtie up about a thousand notches!  If dad needs a new bow tie, get him a handcrafted super-fun one, from a super cool kid, with an equally cool vision! Checkout, All Tied Up Bow Ties, on Facebook for more information.

4. Original Works Of Art

Nothing says cute, sweet and adorable like baby's tiny fingers and toes! Give this to new dads. SO CUTE! Plus, No Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Guide would be complete without a Star Wars Gift, Right? If doing a Daddy's day DIY project is speaking to you, check out my post full of fun and easy Father's Day DIY Projects Ideas.

5.  A Lock Pick Set. You may be like, WHAAAAAAT? A Lock Pick set? I get it, but, YES! A Lock Pick Set. I first learned the importance of a lock pick set when Ollie, at three years old, broke a key off in the front door lock. When the locksmith quoted a stupid amount to fix the stupid problem, the hubs ordered a lock pick set and got the key out himself. Since that day, the kit has come in handy to unlock the bathroom door, a bike lock, and recently, I broke a key off in the shed lock!

Call it a gag gift or an essential need, whatever, dad will seriously love it and have a good laugh too! We have the Lokko Lockpick Set from Lock Pick World. It's a 15-piece set of everything you need to fix a kid's faux-pas and then some! The Hubs was sold on it when he saw the clear training locks, "I've only heard of them, but never seen one in real life!" The hubs LOVES his lockpick set, and the times it's come in handy for various things is kind of crazy.  Check out our Lokko Lockpick Set, Here.

This set is absolutely suitable for learners of all levels, and comes complete with:

  • A full 15 piece lock pick set with lock picks, tension tools, and extractor
  • A Secret Agent / Spy Concealed Credit Card Pick Set
  • A fully-working, easy practice padlock with a see-through mechanism with keys
  • A double-sided, see-through practice training lock with keys
  • Our 43-page eBook with color photos for Single Pin Picking

What is your favorite thoughtful Father's Day Gift?


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