6 Ways To Get The Most Bang For Your Spring Beauty Buck

With Spring on the horizon, I thought I would share a few of my top tips for buying champagne style beauty products on a beer budget. (Aveda, Trish McEvoy, Lancome, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Sephora, OPI...) Or, how I rarely buy high-end beauty products at full price and get a lot of awesome free stuff in the process, and not because I'm a blogger. Let's just say, I'm a product whore with a laughable budget. 

It takes a lot of great stuff to keep me from looking like a dehydrated sun-baked raisin. I'm also fairly brand-loyal. I have very sensitive skin, so I stick with what works. That being said, I still, on occasion, try the next best beauty thing. Below I have broken down the different ways to save big on your beauty needs, brand loyal or not!

1. First and foremost, sign up for email alerts from your favorite brands. This alone makes it easy to get the most bang for your buck from your go-to brands. FACT: Department/Beauty store brands (Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Trish, Laura...) promote 'gift with purchase' specials twice a year, however, the brand's website has a weekly gift with purchase specials and free shipping, add a coupon code and you SCORE BIG!! 

2. NEVER Buy anything without getting something free! I'm not kidding. I have yet to buy any products without getting free samples. If the brand is not offering 'gift with purchase' specials, stores like Sephora, Ulta, and Macy's may offer in-store/on-line promotions for the brand's products. Do you see where I am going with this? Research your brand-loyal beauty products online before heading to the store. Always.

3. Print Monthly Coupons. Love your Cover Girl Mascara or Almay Tinted moisturizer? Desperate to try evolution of smooth? Before you shop for shadow and gloss, spend some time downloading coupons. At the beginning for your favorite products and a few new ones, you may want to try. If you play your coupons right, you might score big combining with an in-store promotion. 

4. Reap the Rewards, Reviews + RatingsThanks to stores like Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon, getting the 411 on products is easier than ever. Amazon is a gold mine for finding reviews, photos, and deals on beauty products. Sephora is the spot for finding new products and scoring a loot bag of sample size products. Ulta sends coupons for discounts on a single item or entire purchase via snail mail and email, so signing up for the email list is worth it for that alone. I use this for self-tanner and nail polish purchases!

5. Google What Gets You. The next time you want to splurge on a new miracle cream, Google it before buying it. But try googling the specific need,"dark circles," "deep wrinkles", then look for best sellers, then read the reviews. There is no reason to spend a month's salary on an eye serum with so many great options available for a fraction of the cost. Did you know, Amazon's best selling serum cost $15? It does. It also as 4300 reviews and 4.5 stars. 


6. GET CASH BACK! Last, and my biggest and best shopping tip of 2017, EBATES. I promise I am not getting paid to say that. Over the last seven months, I've received $150 in actual CASH back from shopping online.  I cannot recommend enough signing up for Ebates, then downloading the Ebates browser plug-in. (SUPER EASY) Then, every time you shop online, Ebates notifies you automatically of the percentage of cash back you get for purchases and then at checkout, Ebates will auto load available coupon codes. IT'S AWESOME! Download and get cash back on nearly every online purchase, here.

Can you add to this list? Please leave your best tip in the comments below. 


April is an award-winning writer and blogger. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more on April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com