My Magic Eight Ball Said Punxsutawney Phil Was Wrong.

It's official, Punxsutawney Phil, the weather forecasting fuzz ball, saw his shadow. Meaning, six MORE weeks of winter.  

All I have to say about that is, Six More Weeks Of Winter? No. Absolutely, Not! My sanity and wild-child with hours of energy to burn, won't make it! 

Thankfully, that fuzz ball of bad news has a crappy track record. With over a hundred years of predictions on the books, good ol' Phil has a 39% accuracy rate. You could flip a coin and have better odds! 

Wanting a second opinion I grabbed my trusty eight ball, and asked, Will there really be six more weeks of winter?

So there you have it, the eight ball says, WRONG, PHIL.  And thank goodness for that, because having a dormant garden outside and wild five-year-old inside, I just might lose my mind. All three of us could use some warm fresh air.  

If I could, I would spend all day in the garden. I get so crazed without my garden during winter, last year I bought a greenhouse, and this year I went mental at the garden center buying air purifying house plants

I also spend the winter searching for new cutting edge gardening tools, gardening hacks or checking for garden gadget price comparisons at Backyard Boss

I'm so bad, if you ask my son where I work he says, "My mommy works in the garden." Seriously. I nearly died when someone asked me where I worked and he butted in with that! 

So, imagine when Puxatawny Phil declared six more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day, I cussed at the TV. Outloud. I need Spring, and I need it now! So glad my magic eight ball said it was coming.  Back to planning my garden and trying not to lose my shit while my son does laps around me.

What do you think, six more weeks winter or spring is on its way? How do you pass the winter stuck inside with wild kids without losing your mind?

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