Mom Score: I threw my son, "The Best Birthday Party Ever!"

I love this photo from his second birthday. Thankfully, he didn't do that this birthday!

I don't know if it's the recent Presidential election, constant worldwide terrorist attacks, or watching a friend desperately trying to save her daughter from a rare cancer, but I've started seeing my time with my son as just that, time. Limited, precious, unpromised time. So instead of crying and turning his birthday into a, my-baby-is-so-old pity party, I'm focusing on how thankful I am to have had the past five years and each and every second moving forward.

Seriously. I didn't even shed one tear of sadness on his fifth birthday. Quite the opposite, while praying, I shed tears of joy and thankfulness.

 How could I? The little guy is smart, healthy and badass.

So, instead of making his birthday about me, I decided to let the little man drive the Birthday-boat. Here's how it all started...
The Best Birthday Party Ever! -My 5yr old. 
Me: Hey, Buddy. What do you want to do for your birthday? Should we have a party with your family and friends?

Little dude: Mommy, I've been thinking about it. I'm turning five, so I should have 5 friends at my party.

Me: Five? Just, five? But you can have as many friends as you want.

Little Dude: No. I'm turning five and all I want is five. **rattles off the names of five friends he's inviting.

Me: OK. Where do you want to have your party? ** I Rattle off a few party venues for kids**

Little Dude: I want to have my party at my house so I can show my friends my toys. And a BIIIIGGGGGGGGG Star Wars Cake.

Me: Ok. So you want to have your party at home with JUST five friends and a Star Wars cake?

Little Dude: Yep. The mommies and daddies can come too.

Me: Alright, baby, it's your party.

And so, I did exactly as I was told. I ordered a Big Star Wars cake, invited his five friends and their mommies and daddies. I made a few light apps and fun snacks for the kids. I also conveniently forgot to tell everyone else I would have invited. God knows, had the decision been left up to me, I would have thrown my son a big party, invited the whole class and tried o go over the top to please him...

At two o'clock on Saturday afternoon, Ollie's five party-goers, with mommies and daddies in tow,  showed up for what would become the eaisiest, most relaxing and fun child's birthday ever.

Having only a few kids they all played well, nothing broke, people ate, parents relaxed. I didn't break a sweat or stress. I even sat down a bunch!  Ollie was as happy as could be and had his Star Wars Cake.

Once the party was over I asked Ollie, what he thought of his party. His face lit up as he said, Mommy, it was the best birthday ever! And I had to agree.

With so few kids and parents, the drama was non-existant. Corraling everyone for food and cake-time was a breeze, and so was clean-up! I know that will change over time, but what won't is knowing letting my son plan his party will, hopefully, always result in, the best birthday party ever.

I was so pleasantly surprised by my son's easy party demands.  You might be too...

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