Parent Perfect Body Blasting 30-Day Challenges (DO THIS!)

Ok. It's the new year. Time to put the holiday madness behind us, get our life and the routine back on track, and, somehow, shed those extra holiday pounds.  If only, there were enough time in the day, right? Well, if you have a few seconds I think I have a solution!  Below are a few of my favorite 30-day challenges to get you moving and toned in a few seconds a day.


1. Tell yourself to do just one day. RIGHT NOW!  Chances are, you will do tomorrow's reps too...
2. Pin or print your favorite plan, put it on the refrigerator/wall and check off each day.
3. You will actually see results, but it wouldn't hurt to keep going after your reps. Walk in place for five minutes, or climb the stairs a few times. Maybe add a few lunges or sit-ups. You'll be amazed how when you start... you can't stop!
4. Recruit a friend, then make a pact to celebrate in a fun way if you BOTH complete the challenge.

Without further ado... Parent Perfect Body Blasting 30-Day Challenges:

Of course, there are the Squat and Plank challenge you've probably heard about. (Great to do together!)

If you want to target more than your butt and core, the following 30-day workouts will give you all over results, inspire you to work out every day and only take a minute a day!

Want a Brazilian Butt?  Try this:

 Thighs keeping you down? Try this:

(Credit: This plan was created by Cassey Ho for Cassey is an award-winning fitness instructor, knows her shit and has the most amazing monthly workouts. If you are looking for more workout/nutrition/inspiration ideas, check her out, here. #LoveHer)

Do your abs make you sad? Try this:

 Are your arms causing your self-esteem harm? Do this:

Butt AND Gut have you in a rut? Never fear, help is here!

Looking for a whole-body 30-day challenge plan? Look no further...

If you already have a workout routine, here's a more advanced program that starts Day-1 with higher reps. 

or, this one:

Here is a four-month plan you can follow each month, or combine into one month:

If you have injuries or physical limitations, and none of the above will work, here is a 30-day food challenge. If it's too restrictive for you, break it up and try to avoid one-or-two foods for the day or week... 

Don't forget to Pin or print your favorite challenges!

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