How Well Do You Know 2017 Slang?

I recently read a tweet that made me realize, I'm slipping. Hard. I'm out of touch with slang. It's so bad when I did some research on 2017 slang and read,  "Snatched" is officially the new "fleek," my inner-awesomeness died a little. Fleek? What the hell is that? And I'm guessing "snatched" has nothing to do with stealing something. So, I did more research. 

It turns out, On-Point, became Fleek which is now, Snatched. Think: "Damn, girl, your outfit is Snatched!" (Instantly it makes sense why all those years ago my mom laughed at me when I told her "Bad" really meant, "Good!" and other assorted slang terms that I now get were totally laughable.)

If Fleek and Snatched stumped you too, then keep reading. Below is a break down of the hottest slang words, terms and abbreviations of 2017, so far. (In alphabetical order) 

  • About It- 100% all in. 
  • AF- As F*ck.
  • Canceled- Over it. Deleted out of your life. "I canceled our relationship."
  • Bae- your boyfriend/girlfriend 
  • Boots-if someone adds the word, Boots, to the end of a word or statement, you can thank the viral maniac Todrick Hall. It's meant to drive home the statement. Think" Damn, I'm Tired Boots! 
  • Extra- Means you are trying way too hard.
  • FB-Follow Back
  • Fleek- Perfect. On point. 
  • FR-For real
  • Hundo P- I agree one-hundred percent.
  • Hunty- Combo for Honey and C*nt-some use it for their Friends others for foes. It goes both ways.
  • High Key- Real. Straight-Up Truth.
  • LB- Like Back 
  • Lit- Amazing. (Warning: word on the street is that Lit on it's way out with Fleek.)
  • Live- describes something that was an Amazing time/party/event. It was Live! 
  • OTP- One True Paring. Refers to your favorite couple or a super couple. 
  • Ship- Describes two people who should be in a relationSHIP, but are not.  They should be Ship.
  • Slay or Slayed- Award winning performance no one can do it better. Think every time Beyonce gets on stage. 
  • Stan or Stanning- Obsessed fan. Relates to the Eminem song, Stan, about an obsessed fan. 
  • SUH- Think: what's up? Say it like it looks- suuuuuh. 
  • Sus- short for Suspect. Internet/text talk for shady, sketchy, watch out for that person.
  • TD-To Die
  • Turnt- Turned up to a whole new level of awesome/crazy
  • V- Short for Very. 
  • Watch Netflix and Chill- Means, you wanna hook up. Seriously. It's text talk for let's get it on.
  • Woke- describes a caring, thoughtful, sympathetic and/or knowledgeable person. 
  • YOLO- You Only Live Once

And last, a pinable/printable image for parents to keep on hand to make sure their children are not tweeting/texting/gramming/facebooking/snapping about innapropriate things. 

Did I miss anything? If so, please add it in the comments! 

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