Do This To Your Home And Save A Bundle This Winter

Keep the cold out and your gas and electric bills in check with these five tips to prepare your home for cooler weather. 

Prevent Drafts and Seal Windows

Drafty windows are one of the biggest contributors to heat loss in houses. Drafts can come from space between the windows and the frame or from worn-out weather-stripping. No matter what the cause, there are simple things you can do to prevent drafts from chilling your home:
  • Add weather-stripping- this is the fastest and cheapest way to block this nasty arctic drafts.
  • Use Draft Snakes, or roll up towels and place them at the bottom of the window.
  • Place plastic over windows that will not be open for several months.
  • Put foam board in the attic and other unused windows.

Inspect Roofs

Depending on where you live, you might find that during the summer months you see very little moisture, but during the winter months, that can change. Now is the time to inspect your roof and make sure that you do not have any loose shingles. Repair any missing or loose shingles, because leaving them as is can lead to leaks and damage to your home.

Clean Gutters

Clean out your gutters and check them for proper installation. If your gutters are full of leaves and other debris, they will clog and not allow water to move safely away from your home. Not only can this potentially damage your home, but in freezing temperatures, these puddles can also become frozen hazards. Plus, the leaves and other natural debris that you remove from the gutters is ideal for adding to your compost.

Inspect Your HVAC System

It is always a good idea to have your HVAC system serviced in both spring and fall. These are the months when the weather is changing, and you will be switching between cooling and heating your home. By having your HVAC system serviced, you can make sure that any needed repairs are completed before you have to heat your home. Don’t wait until you need heat, because you could find yourself without it.

Change Your Bedding

Most of the time during the cooler months, people tend to turn up their heat during the hours when they are home and awake doing things, and they turn down the temperature when they are away or sleeping. Not only will doing this save on the cost of heating, but it also will allow you to get a better night’s rest. However, that doesn’t mean that you want to crawl into a cold bed with cotton sheets. Instead, change out your sheets to flannel and put on a couple more blankets to keep you warm on those cold nights ahead.

Don’t let the cooler weather catch you off guard — take time now to prepare and ensure that you and your loved ones stay warm this winter.

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