5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Child's Halloween Costume.

If your house is anything like mine, there are peices and parts from past halloween costumes stretching from one side of your house to the other. Halloween is such a exciting time for the entire family. The kids get to dress up and trick-or-treat through the neighborhood. Parents get to eat all of the best candy in the bounty.  #Goodtimes

For those first-timers and parents with lofty ideas of making the best costume ever... and well everyone in between, I wanted to share some very important things to consider when choosing the perfect Hallowwen Costume for littles. 

Just so you know, I'm not making this shit up. As your faithful First-timer reporter, I did a bit of research on costumes for babies and kids to make sure I cover all the pitfalls and considerations.  Without further ado... Five Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Child's Halloween Costume.

1. Make sure the costume is weather appropriate. Beauty should not be more important than comfort for babies and toddlers.  For Example, avoid the Pretty Woman Hooker Costume in Alaska... Or always. 

2.  If a mask is involved make sure it is easy to remove, does not fit too snugly and allows for ease of breathing--through BOTH the mouth and nose. Hats and masks could pose a problem for babies and toddlers. They will want to rip them off. 

Hats are best secured with chin straps using velcro to hold the hat in place. The velcro will easily break away in an emergency situation.

3. Face and/or body paint on children under one is not recommended. If it is necessary it should be free of all toxins.Thier skin doesn't stand a chance against the harsh toxins found in cheap paint.

Avoid Bargain Paint:

4. Make sure the fabric is not itchy or too rough. This is a sure fire way to end spending too much on something that's worn one. For three seconds. 

Think: This

5. The costume should fit properly, not too long or tight.  With the copious amounts of running, jumping and skipping from door to door, the costume needs to move easily with the child.

Avoid This:

What's your little sprout going to be for Halloween? Are you making a costume or buying one? Are you going to drag your little one around for free candy too?  If so, what are looking forward to getting? I LOVE Kit Kats! 

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