How To Gain Control of Your Facebook Content

In the wake of the war between Norway and Facebook, I thought I would add a little more fuel to the fire. Facebook makes fan page owners pay to show posts to fans...

Yesterday, when a reader reached out via Facebook Messenger with this...

I wasn't surprised. I get that a lot. 

Facebook thinks its fancy little algorithms come up with the best feed for you. They also put friends, family, dogs... EVERYONE before fan pages. Which is why you may be wondering why you haven't seen me or any other 'Pages' you've liked. Well, except for the ones who pay to get a higher spot in your feed. Seriously.

Here's an example. This post has been up  on my page for 4 days. I have 7100 Facebook Fans. 225 people have been reached. If I want ALL of my fans to see it, that will cost $60!!!

$60 to show to "People Who Like Your Page".

The changes and restrictions Facebook is CONSTANTLY making to Fan Pages infuriates me to no end. My Facebook community used to be the BEST! With Fall and the holidays and fun parties and yummy food, I want to talk about what everyone is eating, making and doing and share my favorites!

Thankfully, there are ways to gain control of your Facebook feed and the information you see. For the most part. SO, what's the fix? How can YOU choose who and what you see? It's complicated. (I think that's by design so Facebook can keep collecting ad revenue from the big brands and bloggers.)  

Below is a step by step guide with photos to help you navigate the madness, and gain control of your feed and actually pick who you want to see!

How to Personalize Your Facebook Feed 

Step 1. Click the little down arrow at the top of your facebook page
Step 2. Choose "News Feed Preferences"
Step 3.  Choose the top option: "Prioritize who to see first."
Step 4. ON this page you can choose your preferences. you can also sort via the drop down to choose only friends,  pages you follow, and the people you currently see first.
Step. 5 Click the photo of the people/pages you want to view and unclick the ones you do not.
Step 6. Once you've made your selections, scroll down to click, DONE!

And there you go! So, if you want to see me, without me winning the lottery, head over to Facebook and follow the above steps to get your feed in order, Click Here!

P.S. You may also want to check your security settings, Facebook is always dicking around with them too!

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