Because Mommies Have Sensitive Tummies Too #DrinkPremama

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Sensitivity should be my middle name. I'm thoroughly sensitive from the inside and out. From my sensitive skin to my feelings, to my tummy, I am always dealing with one sensitivity issue or another! 

This was never more true than when I got pregnant. I struggled daily not only swallowing my prenatal vitamin, but it upset my stomach to no end. Knowing I had to take them, I talked with my doctor about other options. That's when I found out, hard pills are not the only way to take a vitamin. 

This information changed the game. 

First I tried a chewy vitamin, but the flavor was so yucky, I had to hold my nose chew them up, then wash them down with water.

I was so annoyed that something so good for me and baby, made me so sick!  

Thankfully, the wonderful people at Premama knew there were preggies in need of vitamins, delivered in a convenient non-pill non-nauseating way. 

Now that the hubs and I have started talking seriously about having #2, getting my health and diet in check are essential. And since my diet doesn't always deliver the vitamins I need, making sure I get my recommended daily intake is very important to me. 

What's more, Premama Prenatal vitamins can be blended in Smoothies! Check out these super food Premama Prenatal smoothie recipes!  *(Don't forget to Pin the images for later!) 

Berry Bomb Smoothie

 I seriously LIVED off smoothies when I was pregs with Ollie. 

Tropical Island Escape Smoothie:

If, like me, you struggle with swallowing pills or get an upset stomach from vitamins in the morning, definitely give the entire Premama a try. You and your growing baby will be so glad you did! I know Ollie and I were both stoked with I got my prenatal vitamin under control. 

Premama is so sure you will love their essential vitamin drink mix, they're giving away a  free sample of either Premama Lactation or Premama Fertility through September 29, 2016! ? To get yours, see below. 

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