How To Build The Best Candy Buffet. EVER!

The candy buffet is the hottest new party trend. Candy buffets are showing up at weddings, baby showers, block parties, birthday parties, and everything in between. 

What makes the Candy Buffet work, besides the candy, is the theme. You can do some super cute stuff with candy. 

With all the back-to-school and forthcoming holiday madness, I thought I would share an awesome how-to guide for creating a breathtaking candy buffet. 

Step 1: Pick the Theme:

PRO TIP: Use double sided table cloths, with a different color on each side. Stay with solids and colors that are gender neutral. Yellows, greens, pastels, and white can be used for any event. Instead of trying to theme out the entire table, use a centerpiece for your theme. Your backdrop of twisted ribbons or balloons and ribbons,or even contrasting fabric works. Attach candy to strips of plastic wrap and hang it from a rod behind the table.

Themes do not have to be costly. Pick up a few inexpensive items to make a statement, but turn to your candy buffet for your wow factor. Do not limit yourself to what you have seen. Use your imagination and create a one-of-a-kind buffet, that is re-usable.

PRO TIP: Consider theme pieces the guest take with them, like a candy lei. Tie a few gum balls to plastic leis that are inexpensive and available at any party supply shop. 

Step 2: Gather The Essentials

PRO TIP: Use clear glass jars and trays. Let your candy bring the display to life. Using holiday themed dishes does nothing to add to the table. If you' re tempted to buy a serving dish or jar in a shape, get a shape of the candy, or a matching fruit shape. Don't go all out. Allow yourself one or two special pieces, but they should be easily merged into other candy settings. A lovely glass candy dish is just as beautiful filled with pastel M & M’s for a baby shower as it is filled with Gummy worms for a kids party. Cotton candy in an ice cream dish or cone, decorated with peppermint straws make a lovely display. Rock candy on sticks in a tall container fills an empty spot very well too.

Step 4: Get the Candy!

The real trick to making a great candy buffet is finding the right mix of colors and shapes of candy. For a wedding, you will go with creams, golds, and foils. You will lean toward elegance and charm. A baby shower is traditional pink and blue and you aim for cute. Birthday parties are anything goes from purple and red and even black and white for “over the hill” parties.  Holiday candies are the easiest to use for Holiday parties from Halloween through Valentine's day, they are easy to find. Pick 2 or 3 colors and stick with them. Choose a special candy for your center dish and fill in with gift bags that match the tablecloths. You will find everything you need at

Candy Buffet Cheat Sheet:

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