LOVE IT! Every Family Should Have One Of These

If you follow this blog, then you know, my Australian husband is shameless and beyond hysterical.  He is also incredibly creative and a whizz on the computer. There's no better proof of this when after years of complaining about not having a great family portrait, he made me one. 

You see, I'd been complaining about the fact that every other family has a great portrait displayed in their house. But do I? No. 

Truth be told, I had pretty much accepted that I never would. Even if I could get the Aussie and his Mini-me to dress in nice semi-matching clothes, they would NEVER:

  • Sit still for a photo
  • smile for real
  • take it seriously. even a little bit. 
  • miss the chance to embarrass me

The list goes on and on... and on...

Think I'm kidding?  Here are the last time I asked them to smile:

So, when the hubs gave me this framed masterpiece for my birthday, I was beside myself with joy.

It was PERFECT!  No way could I have fashioned a better photo of my family with an actual photographer. Each one of us is making the PERFECT expression. (Our heads were taken from three different photos.)  No way could we pull that off in real life. 

Originally, he printed it on photo paper and framed it, but it wasn't right. This masterpiece needed to be on canvas! It needed to be hung over our mantle. So, when the Canvas Factory reached out offering me a free 16"x 20'' (40x50cm) Canvas photo, I said, Yes, please!

I'd never had a photo printed on canvas before and was skeptical of how well the photo would transfer, or how real it would look.

When I unboxed the canvas photo I was floored. It came out so amazing!  So. So. So Amazing. I gave it to the Hubs as a late Father's Day present. He was just as overjoyed and blown away with the end result. It was also really cool to solidify his masterpiece in Canvas ,that I can proudly hang on the wall. 

Which, I did. In the first 10-minutes of having it. 

Click Photo To Enlarge.

The quality is so nice, no frame needed! The canvas is stretched around the wood frame, secured with nails and staples, then covered with soft felt-like tape to give the back a smooth finish. 


I just cannot recommend enough considering a fun family portrait that perfectly captures YOUR family. It's easier than you think with free online photo editing software that guides you through the process. Or enlist a friend with photoshop to help. 

You could also use an actual family photo and print it to canvas, but I have to say, it's so much more fun to have a silly family portrait. Not only does mine keep me laughing and proud of my family, it's a fantastic conversation starter. No one can walk past it without saying something. 

To inspire you to make your own,  I'm partnering with the Canvas Factory to offer one reader a 16"x 20'' (40x50cm) Custom Canvas print

Enter the giveaway below (Open to US and CA),! For more information about the Canvas Factory or to order your print now, US Residents Click here;  Canadians, Click here. I Most Def recommend Canvas Factory. GREAT Prices and fantastic quality! 


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