Don't Forget Date Night!

Remember the days before the birth of your child, when a date night could be spontaneous and happen as little or as often as you wanted? Now, it’s hard enough to find time to take a shower, visit the bathroom on your own, or eat a meal that doesn’t require you scarfing down your food or eating it two hours later when it’s cold.

As you gaze across the table at your equally tired partner, you both smile, promise one another some quality time, but secretly know that you’ll crash out during story time or during the nightly news. Despite the fatigue and the lack of time alone, together, it’s all worth it, especially when that “fairy godmother/father” (aka. friend or relative) swoops in, offers to babysit, and insists that you put on some lipstick, a clean shirt, and get out of the house with your partner (and don’t look back). Do you have a “date night” in your future? Here are some ideas:

Revisit Your Past

If you’re like many parents, you may want to use your time without your child to get stuff done, such as going grocery shopping and everyday errands. Please, reconsider doing some of these seemingly mundane tasks when you have a rare opportunity for a date night with your partner and unless you both really love to go grocery shopping, avoid it. Have an evening to yourselves and don’t know what to do? Why not revisit some of your all haunts BC (before child)? Maybe it might be fun to recreate your first date or to visit your favorite pub where you realized you and your partner were more than “just friends”? Even if your trivia team disbanded a long time ago, hit up trivia night and have a little fun like you used to.

Food & Drink

When was the last time you had a cup of coffee you didn’t have to reheat multiple times or a meal that had all your favorite ingredients (your child may be a bland or picky eater)? On date night, many couples go out for drinks and dinner, but honestly, it’s worth it. Not only do you not have to worry about cleaning up after your child, but you don’t have to do the dishes. You can order whatever you want, eat it any pace you want, and if you’re really feeling indulgent, have more than one glass of wine or order dessert. Don’t forget to be indulgent and treat yourselves. Whether you’re reconnecting over the perfect cup of espresso or toasting to parenthood over a margarita at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant, enjoy every sip, bite, and moment.

Head Outdoors

These days, all of your outings may require multiple bathroom breaks, hunting down a missing shoe, and gathering up everything you might need at the playground. A date night, outdoors, can be just what you need to rejuvenate and rediscover nature. Whether you do some stargazing, go on a bicycle ride, or even just have a picnic for two at the park, take some time to relax, enjoy the weather, and focus on yourselves (rather than having to keep a vigilant eye on your child at the park).

Stay In

If your son or daughter has been whisked away for the evening, you may have the rare chance to enjoy watching a movie of your choice or pull out your game console that you feel as if you haven’t played in years. If it’s been awhile since you’ve got your game on or even caught a movie, there’s so much online to choose from (no need to hit up the local game or video store). Used to go to casinos for fun on a Friday night? Why not visit an online casino? It’s a convenient and comfortable experience. If you’re afraid that you may get “lost” and sucked into the world of online gambling, don’t worry, you can always check out a gambling addiction resource to keep you in check or help you out. Whatever you choose to do, take advantage of some screen time that’s just for you and your partner (no need to watch or play anything for the preschool crowd).

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