Caped SuperHealos Are Taking Over Children's Hospitals

I have a girlfriend who's daughter has been battling a rare blood disorder since birth. They have spent countless hours in the hospital. Countless. She jokes about being closer to the hospital staff than her immediate family and should have her own reserved spot at the hospital from the amount of money they've spent.

My heart aches for her, and her family. I wish I could do something. Anything to lessen their pain. So when the makers of SuperHealos, a product that helps hospitalized children become SuperHealos Superheros and have a little fun during their stay, asked me to review their product, I was more than happy to check it out.

Superhealos  Get Well Adventure Kit Includes:
SuperHealo Cape (Available in Blue or Pink)
SuperHealos Book Hospital Adventures: Monkey Madness
SuperHealo's Coloring book with SuperHealos Characters (Markers included)

SuperHealos Book, Hospital Adventures: Monkey Madness, written by Kathryn Jones is so well written and thought out. The book consist of 6 exciting adventures that all take place in the hospital. Featuring three SuperHealos, Superheros of Health, characters; Dash, Lily and the wise and ever helpful owl, Scooter.

While on their adventures, the Superhealos encounter familiar machines and illnesses found in a hospital. The fun names and child-friendly explanations of each machine or illness, helps children better understand what's going on around them. It also makes it easy for parents to explain, what can be, a very scary and confusing situation.

As much as SuperHealos is made for children who experience chronic illness and extended hospital stays, the SuperHealos kit was an awesome way for me to introduce chronic illness and the different medical instruments found both at the Pediatrician's office and the hospital.

The coloring book, with markers, is great too! Perfect for a waiting room.

Bottom Line: Love it.

SuperHealos is a simple, fun kit for both kids and parents. It's also a great way to burn a few hours in the hospital. I recommend this for ALL parents looking for a fun way to introduce the hospital and things found within. This is especially great for children with loved ones who experience long hospital stays. To learn more about SuperHealos and buy a it now, visit the SuperHealos Website, Here.

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