This Is How I Like My Man #DontLoseYourSmooth

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette at Sam’s Club for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
When I met my husband, in a hotel in Vienna Austria, he took my breath away.  So cute, so strong, smooth face... I was smitten to say the least.  

Looking back, I can't say for sure if I would have given him a second look if he was burly and beard-y, because I was so smitten, but as a rule, I like my man's face silky smooth. 

That being said, there are times when a bit of beard is OK. But that's pretty much only when no razor is in sight and I'm trying to find the bright side...

Smitten. I'm just smitten with him.

However, I still will always prefer a smooth silky face I can snuggle up to and smooch without being pricked by stubble. 

You can imagine how freaked out I was when the Hipster's ushered in the beard-trend.  I immediately threatened my husband that if he even thought about it, I would shave his face wheel he was sleeping. 

Then assured him, that would be the last thing he wants.

Being that I am so open with my opinions about my husband' face and how he should shave, I do feel it is my duty to provide him with a great razor.  I even went to far once, and got him a complete shaving kit, with the brush, soap and special razor. 


My man insists that he loves his Gillette razors.  So, I buy those.  
That all being said, when I see a new 'latest and greatest razor com on the market, I buy it... Hoping, its the perfect razor for both of us! (Yes, I buy my own first,  No sharing allowed, per my husband's rules.)

Yea, I use a man's razor. It works SO MUCH BETTER than a 'woman's'. Plus, it's a lot cheaper for us to sync up on razors, so I can just buy the refills for us to share. 

When I was offered to the opportunity to let my husband test out the new Gillette Fusion ProShield, I jumped on it! I could tell my husband was bored with his old razor, plus, it was time to invest in new refills. I grabbed our pack of  Gillette Fusion ProSheild razor and cartridges at Sam's Club for under $50.  the pack included, one razor and nine cartridges!  That's going to last us MONTHS!

I have to admit, FTD was a bit skeptical at first of the claims for lubrication before and after the blades. But I told him that was his only option and to try it; 5 blades, pivoting head and top-to-bottom lubrication. 

Heck, I couldn't wait to try it! 

Sure enough, it was magic.  FTD said he got the smoothest shave, with no discomfort and "kind of easy and fast to use."  

I'm sure just by taking one look at the Gillette Fusion ProSheild, you can see how quickly I fell in love with it!

If you are looking for a razor that will keep your man's face silky smooth, with little to no discomfort and lots and lots of softness, I cannot recommend enough checking out the Gillette Fusion ProShield.  

While Gillette Fusion ProShield razor and blades is now available in stores everywhere, grab it at Sam's Club to save big bucks! 

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