5 Tips For Brain-Damage Free Potty Training

It's fair to say, I spent a stupid amount of time trying to potty train my son. Thanks to my Mother in-law announcing that FTD was patty trained shortly after his first birthday,  and her birthday gift to of a complete Aussie potty training kit complete with training pants, we felt compelled to start potty training WAY TOO EARLY! Seriously, Tip #1, wait for your child's cues, not you mother in-laws.

Over the course of two years, we tried and bought everything to help potty train our son.

Ok, not everything. We didn't get this...
However, thanks to a tip from a been-there-done-that bestie of mine...we did find this little potty training gem at our local hardware store!

What is it you ask? Good news, FTD and I made a video to explain it!

Well... When I say, "FTD and I," I really mean, I tried to make this video educational, FTD... well... I am not sure, but you will get the idea of what I was getting at...


Very cool, right?  Beats the hell out of those little plastic potties you put on the floor.  I have no desire to clean the crap out of his diaper, so why would I want to do it out of a plastic bowl? Seriously, what's the point of teaching my son to take a dump in a plastic bowl on the ground, only to teach him to do it in a porcelain one later? Screw that. I am all about one and done!

Now, on to my five best tips for potty training:

1. Wait for the cues, before forcing the poos. This seems to be the most important tip since EVERYONE agrees on it. Don't push your kid into potty training.  Nothing is going to happen until they are ready.  (Ollie is telling me he has to 'poo poo' then we run, and try... more about that later... As in later this week, I need more time with this for a proper post...)

2. BRIBE IT OUT! That's right, finally the experts are saying we CAN bribe our kids! Use something like tiny M&Ms before and after. Think bribe then treat.

3. Do the potty dance! Make it seem like your child just figured out the answer to ending global warming! Dance, cheer, clap, go crazy with excitement...

4. Out on the town, don't pass up the porcelain crown- At home offer up the potty regularly, and when out of the house, don't pass a public restroom without offering up it's services.

5. Patience is a potty training virtue. Eventually the diapers will come off... Don't get discouraged, or your child will be too.

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