Wanna Blog? Learn From Me, Or Have Three Blogs In 5 Years!

For the record, I never meant to be a "blogger". In fact, I didn't know the insane billion dollar industry existed until a few months into my second blog, First Time Mom And Dad.

My first blog, tiredofbeingpregnant.com, I created so I could say F*CK THIS SH!T four million times, and not have a forum full of haters calling me out. Pregnancy was hard for me. There were definitely no rainbows or unicorns. And the second I mentioned that in a pregnancy forum, I got ripped. Even told I was going to be a terrible mother. #A$$holes.

With the pregnancy blog, I stopped being pregnant, I felt like it would be silly to start writing about being a mom. So, I started FTM&D. It seemed natural, to switch to talking about parenting. So, I've been writing about the ups-and-downs of parenting for the last four-years.

Now that my son is older, more independent and needs less attention, I have more time to do the things I love. And strangely, I need to figure out who I am today. After all, I'm coming off nearly five years of having my life on hold, so I could hold my son.

Being a writer, I turned back to finding big freelance jobs. I even stared entertaining the request for turning both the pregnancy blog and parenting blog into a book. And yes, we are certainly looking at publishing the full story on our crazy fairytale meeting and romance.

But something still felt like it was missing. I realized, I love blogging. I love having this open space to share my thoughts, ideas and tips.I also LOVE my readers. when they comment on the blog, or on my social media, it truly males my day! I'm all alone at my desk all day. I'm pretty isolated over here, now that my son is in school.

I knew it was time create in a new space.  Grow. But, before I made any new leaps, I knew I had to pick a name that allowed for growth! Learn from me, when naming you blog, avoid anything that could limit you. It's hard to switch with a blog name like, Mommy All Day Everyday. Avoid that! 

Enough with the rambling. Here's the plan...

Tiredofbeingpregnant.com and firsttimemomanddad.com are getting an overhaul. Starting with the first posts. The best ones I'm going to freshen up and prep for publishing. I will repost the best posts. It will be like starting over again with pregnancy and parenting... just not so dazed and confused this time around! Don't worry, there will still be awesome product and service reviews for preggies and parents!

LoveLifeDIY.com, is in full swing! And will become my full-time website. In addition to my usual ramblings about parenting and marital woes, I'll be writing about anything and everything else!

In fact, over the next two months, look for:

My 2016 Travel guide; a series of posts on the best time to but flights, accommodation and car rental/hire. How to save big when traveling with a family, and the best airlines for families, and which ones go out of their way to make kids feel at ease.

With spring around the corner in the northern hemisphere, get ready for early gardening tips, garage sale finds and the one ting I am most excited for, revving up my DIY and house renovation projects. There is still a lot to be finished in our 100-Year-old fixer-upper!

Feel like some international travel? Follow us on a long haul trip back to The Aussie's Motherland to celebrate four very important birthdays. I cannot wait to show you the magic and beauty that is, Australia!

It's time for change and growth. I hope you will join me.



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April is an award-winning writer and blogger. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more on April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com