So Far, Four Sucks.

Today, my baby turned four years old. I have been trying to write this post all day, but instead, I have been dealing with a little terror.

So far today:

1. The birthday boy Refused to take off his Star Wars Lego PJ shirt. So he wore it to school.
2. I took him to Target, where he picked out a $200 Star Wars LEGO Kit. I told him, No, you have to be 6yrs old! (We go by the age on the box. It's gotten me out of a few high price meltdowns.) He threw it down first, then melted down right next to it. The kind of meltdown that is so spoiled and obnoxious I just wanted to walk away.
3. He threw his lunch all over the car on the way home.
4. Kicked all the way to his bedroom for nap.
5. Twice kicked me.
6. REFUSED to stay in his bed for nap--I made him, which sucked because I broke my back and a hellofa sweat taking him back to bed FOUR MILLION AND ONE times.

As I type, he is sleeping. I can only hope he wakes up a brand new four year old, because the one I put to sleep is worse than a three year old!

Please, don't tell me four is worse than two and three combined. I will die. Or at the very least, need a straight jacket and padded room.

In all fairness to the birthday boy, we did just get back from four days in Florida where there was zero schedule.

Still, the screaming, crying, meltdowns and kicking has got to stop!

Seriously. It stops, right?

When do the toddler crazies wear off?

I love my little guy more than all the stars and moon, but I can't help but think, he's cried more today than he did the day he was born! What kind of crappy birthday is that?

Fingers crossed, he wakes up a new kind of four year old. Because, when he's not being a little crazy, he is the very best little guy I know. And even when he is being a little sh!t, I'm thankful that he is my little sh!t. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Happy Birthday little man, mommy loves you so so so so so much. Even when you are a sleepy, naughty butthead.

UPDATE: After a 3 1/2 hour nap, the Birthday boy woke up happy, sweet and excited for his birthday. I knew his extra crazy behavior HAD to be the result of our crazy routine-less family vacation. Bottom line: Routine is still key.

Hopefully, getting back on our routine will prove that four is not so bad after all.

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