Looking For Something? You Might Find It Here. #VarageSale

**I've partnered with VarageSale today to talk about one of my favorite things, Garage Sales!

Of the many, many things I love about the spring season, two I am looking forward to the most; the flowers and the opening of garage sale season!

I never thought I would be that person who wakes up on a Saturday morning giddy to go garage sale surfing. But, I am.

It's the Aussie's fault. He LOVES them.

This is him, on a typical Saturday, after a stroll through the neighborhood slaying garage sales. How he gets it all home is amazes to me. 

With the spring  garage sales still three months away, I'm getting my garage sale surfing fix using the app, VarageSale. It links me up with virtual garage sales in my community.  Using your zipcode, the app sends you to your community page, to view all of the things being sold near by, or search for that one thing you've been searching for... you just might find it!

There is also the other side to VarageSale, making money selling no longer wanted treasures.  According to a girl friend obsessed with VarageSale already, it's just as easy to buy, as it is to sell on VarageSale. In fact, my friend said she was "nearly making a living selling her clutter on VarageSale," She said she walks around her house, finds something she no longer wants that's "cluttering up the place", takes a picture, uploads it, then meets the person at Kroger before going in to grocery shop.

I can do that! And with my horder of a husband, I have plenty of "Clutter". And toys that I have got to get rid of. I've decided that every penny I make selling our things on VarageSale, is fair game for purchases of new treasures.

My first find was this entertainment center. Unfortunately, someone got it before I could get the Aussie to agree to it.  Next time, I 'll go the Southern Belle route, ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Bottomline:VarageSale is definitely worth checking out. I've been amazed by how many good, quality things are listed.  If you're looking for something, you just might find it there. TIP: Things go really quickly, so if you see something, reach out to the seller immediately!


Download of iOS, Here.

Download for Android, Here.

Have you ever used VarageSale?  I didn't realize how popular it was until I started asking friends about it. I'd love to hear your favorite garage sale finds!

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