I Finally Did The One Thing I've Regretted For So Long

One thing is for sure about my family, we are not your average family. Between the Australian dad, the off-the-charts wild and brilliant kid, and me, the certifiable, outspoken and outgoing crazy mom from Miami, there's never dull moment. Never.

What's more, getting any one of us to sit still, listen and smile for more than a second is impossible. I know, I've tried. For this reason, I could never get professional photos taken of my family. Which, I have regretted for so long.

I absolutely love the professional newborn photos of sweet hands, toes and button nose, yet, never did it for my son.

I absolutely love those sweet family photos, taken in the park or on the beach, or in a studio with the ultra cute family wearing a matching tops, huddled together in a sweet embrace. Yet, never pressed the issue for my family.

Sure, I have thought about getting professional photos taken. I have looked at countless Living Social and Groupon deals for photographers. Then, I think about how the actual photo shoot would go.

FTD: Really?  I have to wear this stupid shirt and sit and smile for an hour?  This sucks.

Ollie: If you want me to wear that shirt, catch me. Oh, and good luck keeping it clean, because I plan to wreck it before we get into the car.

Me: Screw it.

Then, last weekend, while in Florida, a dear friend, who doubles as the best photographer in Orlando, Jessika Kazaros, says, Why don't we do a family photo shoot on the beach.

Immediately, I thought of all the false barriers I put up when I think of a, "family photo shoot". Still, this was a huge opportunity, and not one to pass up.

So, after much thought of what we will wear, the poses we should do, and the perfect backdrop of the beach, I decided the best thing to do would be, wing it. That morning, I let the boys pick out their clothes while I threw on a bathing suit and tossed my hair in a braid. I didn't even put on make-up.

Once we got to the beach, Jessika pulled out her camera, and told us to ignore her and have fun.

Which, we did.

Every once in a while she would ask us to pose in a fun, natural way or do something photo worthy as a family.

Three days later, the photos arrived in my inbox.

I cried.

I laughed.

I loved every single one. Even the ones where I looked like a blimp crashed on the beach. These were beautiful photos taken during an amazing family day. They were so good, it reaffirmed my belief that my family had no business posing in matching shirts. That's not us. Playing around and being silly on the beach, is.

Jessika, magically froze those moments in time, in the most beautiful way. I will forever be thankful for that day with my family.

I cannot recommend enough that you do this. Frolic, have fun and make memories as a family, all while having the moments frozen in time.

If you are going to Orlando, or already live there, and want to have Jessika Kazaros, the best family photographer in Orlando, capture your family on the beach, or wherever, check out her website, here. (More of our photos are on it!)

Oh, and tell her April sent you for 10% off your photo shoot!

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