You Want Me To Stick That Where?

There are seven words all parents say, usually within the first few weeks of their child's life:
You want me. To stick that. Where? 
If you're a parent, you know exactly what I'm talking about. That cold scary probe the nurse insist must be stuck where the sun doesn't shine, to check your newborn's temperature. That's right, a thermometer.

Well, good news, parents! Family 1st™ has answered our parent prayers. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the first, NO CONTACT, temperature projecting, Pediatrician recommended thermometer, VisioFocus®. 

This is my new favorite parenting tool. Favorite. Just you wait... this thing is a magic wand of epic-ness.

**I've partnered with Family 1st Products, to share the AMAZING VisioFocus®,
 the first no contact projection thermometer. 
All options are my own. 
Which, here's the first one. I freaking love it!!!!!!

So. The VisioFocus®, is amazing. 

Ah. May. ZING! 

I'm sorry, I just want to gush all over it. The VisioFocus® is SO MUCH MORE than a themometer! I have been so obnoxious with this thing. I've taken the temperature of every single thing in my house. Including, but not limited to, the plants, the wall, my foot, my hand, every forehead that passes me, Professor the cat, the freezer and everything inside of it, water, ice water, the window, snow, my kid running away from me... the fun just never stops!  

Seriously, I have not set it down since I opened it a few days ago. Sometimes, I take the kid's temperature just for fun.  

Bottom line: It works. INSANELY well. In less than 20 seconds, the temperature is projected on my son's head, perfectly. I was blown away. I pointed at my head in the mirror, and sure enough, 98.6. Same thing happened with FTD. The thermometer never touched one of us, yet read our temperature perfectly. 

I think back to all the nights Ollie was a sick baby.  I must have felt his head and disturbed his sleep 50 times a night. If I had the VisioFocus®, life with a sick baby would have been much less stressful. 

Now, on to why I can't put the thing down! The VisioFocus® is not only for foreheads! It's for taking the temperature of anything and everything! It's a Six-in-One Thermometer! It's made to take the temperature of just about anything. There is a button to take the temperature of faces, and a button for everything else inside your house. 

With only three buttons, the VisioFocus® is foolproof.  To take a human temperature, push the button with the 'face' icon. To take the temperature of everything else in your home, press the button with the house icon. 

I can honestly say, I have put the VisioFocus® through the ringer! I have tested everything in my house, and in every case, VisioFocus® has given me an accurate reading. I TOTALLY get why doctors and pediatricians are recommending it. It's so easy to use, doesn't disrupt the child, sleeping or awake, and can be used for multiple things in the home. Being able to check the nursery temperature, the bottle and bath temperature and baby's temperature in a matter of minutes, with the same thing is Epic. Love it.  

At a retial price of $55, it's worth every penny. Thankfully, as an exclusive FTMAD reader, for a limited time, Family 1st™is extending a $15 off coupon! At checkout enter promo code:15OFF2016MB Get a VisioFocus®, here.

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