Crazy Kids Vs. Calm Kids: Why Parents Need To Relax

If you've read this blog before, than you know, my kid is batcrap-crazy. Nuts. He always has been.

I should have known when he came into this word via my sunroof ass first, I was going to be in for it. (Ollie was Frank Breech and had to be removed via c-section. Due to his position in the womb, he came out Ass first.)

To this day, the wild-child has never been below 95% percentile in weight or height. He started walking at 8 months, running by 10 months. He climbed out of his crib for the first time right after his first birthday.

Since, he has yet to slow down. Sometimes, I'm not sure if it's his mouth or feet that move faster.

This was taken on his first birthday, running down the hallway. 

Recently, while having a conversation with my son's pediatrician, I expressed my concerns about Ollie being so full of energy and that I'll have a stress induced heart attack if he stays like that forever.

During our conversation, it came out that the grass is always greener, regardless of the child you have.

Parents with buckasswild children wish they would calm down.

Parents with ultra calm children wish they would go buckasswild once and a while.

But the reality is, both do.

My wild child has beautiful calm moments. He does slow down. Daily. Every day I get to hold him. Sometimes only for a few minutes, sometimes longer. He is sweet as pie, and adorable in every way. Sure, he's a go-go-go give-mom-a-heart-attack kind of kid, but there is more to him. And when I think about it that way, I go from being positive my kid is going to set a new bar for ADHD, to accepting that he is just a very spirited toddler. And in a way, it's super-awesome.

One of Ollie's best friends is a super-duper calm kid.  He is soft spoken, and nowhere near as full of energy as Ollie. Still, they play really well together. His mom and I comment regularly about how we wish our kids could blend to make a perfect mix of wild and calm.

While it's clear some kids are wild and some very calm, both have their moments. Both cross the line and surprise us. Both give us hell and cuddles. Both will continue to evolve and surprise us. One day, both may blend to be the perfect combination of calm and crazy. But one thing is for sure, both are perfect just the way they are.

Ollie and his super-calm bestie. 

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