Dinner? Again? Didn't I JUST Do That Last Night?

One of the bigger goals for FTD and I in 2016 is to build a strong financial future for our son. We want to invest and plan ahead now, so he's not left working four jobs to get through college. In an effort to get some control, last month I reviewed the family budget to see where we could save money.

Almost immediately, one thing was abundantly clear, we spend WAY WAY WAY too much money on food. Like, a stupid amount. I admit, during the winter months, I'm extra lazy. So when FTD or Ollie want something that requires little work from me, I'm all for it!

You want Jimmy Johns for lunch?  Sure!

You want Pizza tonight? Sure! 

Mmmmm that does sound good, I'll order it now. 


Being that just getting our food budget under control will make a HUGE difference for us financially, FTD and I have made a pact to cook at least 6 nights a week. (We can't quit eating out cold turkey!)

So, we are three weeks into this money-saving plan, and I'm already like, DINNER? Again? Damn. Didn't I just do that? 

I'm beginning to realize my problem is making big fancy dinners. I slave over the damn stove, only to have the kid turn up his nose at my fabulous green beans with toasted almonds, while FTD stares at a plate of perfectly baked fish with such disdain.

Of course, my reply to them is, WHAT THE HELL? It's good. Eat it!

Still, all those two want is the basics--Burgers, Chicken fingers, Mac-n-cheese, french fries, spaghetti... Which, is cool, but that's only three out of the six days I have to cook!

It's clear, I have to get creative if we are going to come together on healthy meals and the boring basics. There has to be a happy medium!

Since feeding wine to the boys is not an option, what's the plan?


That's my plan.

On Friday nights, once the kid is safely tucked in bed, and my glass of wine is poured, I sit down and search Pinterest for the week's meals. I use the search feature to find meals focused on the main ingredient or theme; Chicken, Beef, Fish, Shrimp, Sausage, Pasta, Meatless Monday, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Indian...

I scan over the search results for something that looks cheesy tasty. I go through the days of the week, to make the menu; Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Pizza Wednesday, Thai Thursday, Fish Friday... you get the idea. The best part is that trying the new recipes keeps me excited about cooking!

I'm on week two of this method and it's fantastic! If you are having a hard time keeping the meals fresh, fun and healthy, try this. There are a bazillion ideas and recipes to meet the needs of any food allergy or epic picky eater.  I've been pinning awesome easy meals like a wild person. You can check out my Pinterest meal boards, here.

How do you keep meals fresh, fun and healthy?

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