The No-Chemical Head Lice Game Changer EVERY Parent + Teacher Needs!

**I've partnered with V-COMB to talk about all-natural, safe and effective ways to prevent and treat head lice. All opinions are my own.

As you may already know, I have been on a serious lice fighting rampage. When a little girl in my son's pre-k class had lice, that ended up spreading to a few other children, I lost the plot! Lice? People fleas? Wait. No. 

I was officially on a mission to find a way to prevent lice, or at least catch the little blood suckers before they took over my house. I went right to the pharmacy, and was pointed in the direction of things with "pesticides" in them! No way am I putting pesticides and chemicals I can't pronounce on my child's head. How can there not be a safer way? 

I went home and started researching all-natural chemical-free treatments to prevent and kill nits and lice.  

I found that using Essential Oils daily to pre-treat your child's head can work as a barrier to lice. Essential Oils like Tea Tree, Lavender and Rosemary are fantastic. Mix with detangler or just massage right into your child's scalp. PRO TIP: Mix a few drops of Tea Tree, Lavender and Rosemary oils with water in a spray bottle. Hose your child's coat, backpack and anything else lice like to jump on.

Since the essential oils are not 100% effective at preventing lice, it's crucial to regularly spot check your child's head. The good news is that lice start as nits, or eggs. Meaning, you have seven days before the nit becomes a louse, and a few more after that before the louse is is mature enough to lay eggs. By regularly spot checking weekly or even bi-weekly, you can prevent a full on head lice war.

Since the nits essentially super glue themselves to the hair shaft at the base of the scalp, picking them off is not so easy, and that's if you even see the teeny-tiny thing! 

ENTER: The V-COMB: A chemical-free, painless supercharged Nit and Lice comb. <Insert rays of light and singing angels>

You have to watch this video so you can see the V-COMB in action. So so so so so cool!


The Aussies have struck Gold again with the V-Comb. It sucks away nits and lice from a child's head safely and effectively. ZERO Chemicals needed. Zero. With Ollie's short hair, it takes less than a minute to check his head. It's easy, effective and gentle on my little guys scalp. I want to give one to every single school and parent! #Epic

If I could, I would donate one to every single school in the world! It's that great. Luckily, I was able to talk the makers of V-COMB into giving one lucky winner and their child's school a V-COMB!  That's right, One for you and one for the school!  Enter below!

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