5 Game Day Prep Tips You'll Want To Know #GameDayTraditions

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Are you ready for some football? Are you ready for some awesome commercials? Are you ready for awesome food and drinks? Below are five things to help you show up to the big game 

Me too. I absolutely love Football tailgating and parties. Everybody shows up in a good mood, excited to eat and drink and be merry. The kids are run around wild, footballs are being thrown in every direction. The women congregate in the kitchen... It's like this organized chaos that has the best energy and food ever.

In anticipation of there Big Game, I prep, and early! Below are five ways you can show up to the big game like a rockstar! Seriously, people will cheer if you follow these five prep tips.

1. Find the greatest appetizer. I'm a firm believer in never showing up to a party empty-handed. In preparation for the big game, I scour the Internet for the latest and greatest football themed appetizer. Thankfully, there are many out there, so this is not so hard!

2. Color coordinate-Once I know what teams are playing, I pick one and stick with it! I use the team colors of my pick to choose my Big Game outfit. I also get colored hair spray to spray a few strands of my hair, and the kid. What fun is it, if you don't go all out?

3. Find fun facts for the Big Game and both teams. Love Trivia? Have a Big Game Trivia contest! Make a list of 10-20 trivia questions and hold a drive contest. Winners get to pick their seat in front of the game! Or, just stuff your head full of Big Game Fun Fact to wow the party goers with.  (To see my list of last year's Big Game Trivia questions, click here.)

Did you know: A 30: second ad during last year's game (2015)  cost $4.5 million, the most expensive ad in history, so far! That's $150,000 per second!!!! (Kantar Media) #Insane

4. Eat a big lunch! As much as I love nachos and hot wings, I also love my skinny jeans! I prepare a big, healthy, 'clean' lunch for my family before the Big Game. I try to get as many health things into our bodies before we stuff ourselves with not-so-great snacks. It also cuts way back on calorie consumption at the party! #DoThis

Did You Know: FYI: Big Game Sunday is the second-largest day for consumption of food and drink for Americans, behind Thanksgiving Day! (Reuters)

5. Bring a well groomed family, and an extra shirt for each member! Being that there are copious amounts of photos, selfies and messy foods served at these parties, prepare your family ahead of time, and then bring a back up plan! Before we leave to for the party, I make sure everyone is dressed, hair combed and teeth brushed. I'm still hoping for that one great family photo! And just so that photo doesn't happen with food and spilled juice all over our shirts, I bring back up shirts, just in case.

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What are your game day traditions?

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