10 Fun Facts About Daylight Savings Time

In honor of Daylight Saving Time (DST) ending this Sunday, November 6, 2015 at 2am, here are 10 fun facts... to read when your child wakes up at the ass crack of dawn, because Daylight Savings means absolutely nothing to them. 

1.  Daylight Saving Time (DST) actually ENDS this Sunday, November 6, at 2:00am. Most say it  Daylight Savings Time begins both in spring and fall, but really, it begins in spring and ends in fall.  Still, for parents, both cause the same Havoc to the ever important routine.

2. FYI: It's Daylight "Saving" Time, not daylight Savings time. That's right, no 'S'. I still think saving is a horrible word, since in the fall no parent is saving anything, since no child cares!  If your child wakes up at 6am on Saturday, chances are, your child will wake up at 5am on Sunday... never fails. 

3. Daylight saving time, in the modern sense, was first proposed by an English entomologist, George Vernon Hudson, in 1895.  

Fun Fact:  Sleep contributes to well-being in many ways, from physical and cognitive development to sociability and day-to-day mood. A sleep deprived child is no different than a gremlin! 

4. Daylight Saving Time was first observed on April 30, 1916, by Germany and Austria-Hungry to conserve coal during wartime. So basically, DST has been making parents cry for nearly 100 years! 

FUN FACT: Researsh shows trying to adjust your child's sleep by 15 minute increments the week leading up to the time change, will help your family adjust to the new time.

5. The entire state of Indiana did not observe Daylight Saving Time until 2006. Arizona and Hawaii still will have nothing to do with DST. I wonder if this is because all of the lobbyist are parents?

FUN FACT: After the fall back, it’s not uncommon to feel out of sorts the first few days of November. Exercise can help to improve mood, energy, and yes, help sleep! Take this opportunity to start family walks before or after dinner!

6. Always wishing for an extra hour in your day? 25 hours are observed on the day when Daylight Saving Time ends. So take advantage of this, and nap when your kids do!

7. Going to sleep at your normal bedtime on Saturday, should help you to get the extra hour of sleep most need.

8. Observing DST year round would annually prevent 195 motor vehicle deaths of occupants, and 171 pedestrian deaths, according to a study reported by USNEWS. It turns out we are much safer drivers during daylight hours.  

9. Children can be the most negatively effected by the time change. What about parents? Experts say to begin the nighttime routine up to an hour early on Sunday to help prepare your child's mind and body for the early bedtime.

10. In 2005, Kazakhstan did away with daylight saving time. The country's government reportedly calculated that 51.6 percent of Kazakhs responded badly to the time change. Really? 51.6 percent of Kazakhstan are toddlers? 

May the force be with you this weekend my fellow parents. May the force be with you...

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