Keep Hardwood Floors Clean With Microfiber

**I've partnered with Microfiber Wholesale to talk about how Microfiber is an exceptional solution for keeping hardwood clean. All opinions are my own.

Autumn. I love it. The cooler weather, trees glowing every shade of the rainbow, tailgating, chili-cook offs... Yes, autumn is certainly a lovely season.

Being that my house is wall to wall hard wood, (most 1920's original!), I get a little panicky about the floors this time of year, too.

With those beautiful leaves and cool weather, come heavy rain and high winds. The amount of mud and leaves that get tracked into my house from October to December is pure Dumbassery.

Some of you may remember my solution last year; the dust mop slippers:

While the slippers are pretty cool, they are by no means the solution to keeping hardwood floors clean.

I learned a lot last year being neurotic about my floors. Things like, limit the amount of dirt that gets tracked through the house. During the rain and snow season, I keep a shoe/boot tray at the front and back door, so the boys can step right in and take of their boots. I got then at target for like $10. SO WORTH IT!

Being that hardwood floors like getting wet about as much as a puppy, I also learned to dust mop and spot clean regularly. Works like a charm to stretch out full-on mopping the floors.

Being that I'm always looking for a solution to keeping the floors clean, without it becoming a full time job, I was stoked when I was asked to test out a microfiber mop system. Truthfully, they really had me at, reusable, machine-washable, removable dust and wet mop pads. I'm so sick of the tangle of sticks in my broom closet, three of which are for my hardwood floors alone-broom, dust mop and wet mop.

 This system promised to do away with three of the sticks, and save me money not having to buy replacement floor cleaning pads. Yes, please.

So, being that the microfiber mop kit is a #1 Amazon Best Seller, I had high hopes, but HOLY CRAP, didn't expect the dust and wet mops to work so well. And the fact that I can clean the windows with just water and a microfiber cloth. I use the microfiber cleaning cloths for everything now. And the dust mop comes out at least once a day... mostly initiated by the toddler. He loves pushing the thing around. With the yarn edges that trap and lock dust and dirt into place, he is actually cleaning!

The wet pad is spectacular too! I run it under warm water, squeeze out the excess then go over the floors. When I'm finished, I peel off the wet pad and throw it in the washing machine.


                                                            I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

If you read my blog often, then you know, while I do review and talk about favorite products, I never really say, GO GET IT! But in this case, the dust mop, wet pads and microfiber cloths really are amazing. So easy to use, does a great job and reduces space in the broom closet.

If you have wall-to-wall hardwood like me, and hate the whole sweep, vacuum, dust mop, then mop routine, the Microfiber mop kit from Microfiber Wholesale is pretty freaking amazing. OH! And this really is a wholesaler so the prices are amazing. the microfiber cloths cost under a $1 each!

How do you keep your Hardwood floors clean? Ever used Microfiber?

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