THIS Is The Perfect Gift To Give New Parents #SOFUNNY

**I've partnered with Meeba to talk about doorbells and babies. Two things that do not go together! All opinions are my own.

Being that I'm a parent blogger, I'm frequently asked what the best gifts are to five new parents and children of various ages. Especially, my non-parent friends. And truth be told, I think it's a fair question. There's no doubt over the years I have heard all about, and tested, thousands of parents and kid-related products and services.

Oddly enough, I still recommend the classics: diapers, gift cards, open-ended toys like blocks and shape sorters...

Of course, every once in a while, I come across a product that is a parent game changer. Something that alleviates a parenting pain.  Think: Invention of Pack N' Play. What a game changer that thing is, even today!

In fact, any product that helps a baby sleep safely and soundly is a parenting dream come true...

So, when I came across the Meeba, a doorbell controlled through an App made with parents in mind, I laughed out loud.


A doorbell you can completely control trough a app, including silencing it. Yes. Please.

Clearly, the Meeba doorbell was invented by parents who have been screwed out of a nap by a doorbell one too many times.

Ok, so this Meeba next generation doorbell, it's so freaking awesome. I'm getting one, and giving one to every new parent I know. Get this, not only can you silence the door bell from the app, you can have it plays songs!!  Seriously, a doorbell ringtone is what you want? That's what you get!

Holy crap, the crazy things FTD and I could come up with for our doorbell song. Or worse, a scene from a scary movie!  HAHAHAHAHA!

Here's an ad for Meeba, it's HYSTERICAL! They know this doorbell is the freaking deal. OMG! I can't wait to play ridiculous stuff!!!


Something else super cool is that the Meeba app notifies you when someone rings your doorbell.  That's a huge safety boost. All you need is a camera and an app to see who it is, from anywhere! So cool.

There's no crazy installation. Just mount the Meeba unit and connect to wifi.


You're playing scene a from Scarface for the next door-to-door salesperson.


Check out Meeba, Here.

You can also keep up with Meeba and production delivery trough their social media:
As soon as I get it, I'll post video freaking out the neighbors...

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