Wholeshare: Because Everyone Wants To Grocery Shop From Their Couch


 *I've partnered with Wholeshare to talk about the ease and huge cost savings group buying offers.     All opinions are my own.

The buying power the Internet gives the consumer is completely changing the retail game. Which, is awesome since the holidays are coming up and budgets get tight. Especially, for families striving to provide healthy, wholesome, natural food and products for their family, that can quickly blow the budget.

I’ve recently been introduced to, Wholeshare,  a website that allows communities, moms groups, families, PTO and really any large groups to purchase high quality name brand natural food and products, at wholesale prices, saving them hundreds and even thousands on an annual basis.

What got my attention about Wholeshare is the HUGE product selection It’s like going to Whole Foods!

Wholeshare, brings the consumer to the wholesale distributer. No middlemen means no extra fees resulting in product mark-ups. And the best part is that you form your own group:

Basically, you get your family, friends, co-workers, church group, sorority sisters, whoever, then have everyone within your “group” shop the Wholeshare website, adding the things they want to their cart, which automatically join the groups orders together to create huge bulk buying savings. Once the deadline set for everyone to place their order ends, the order is automatically placed.   

And unlike having to buy a pallet of Mac n’ cheese at other wholeshare places, you can split orders so everyone doesn’t have to buy an entire case! The process is super simple actually.

Bottom line: Wholeshare is definitely worth checking.

To join a group, or start your own, or to just check out the insane amount of healthy, wholesome, natural food and products being offered at ridiculous prices, Click here!

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