What Is It With Kids And Huge Messes? #MommyMustHave

**I've partnered with EnviroKlenz to talk about solutions for safely and effectively cleaning up after little mess makers. All opinions are my own. Especially the part about my kid having a franchise of Mess Factories. EnvirKlenz promises they don't think that. (They would if they came to my house!)

I don't know what it is about kids, but they are mess making factories. 

It's mind boggling how everything my toddler touches, he gets dirty. Like how Midas had the Golden touch, my kid has the Mess touch. It never fails that every drink I pour him, every snack I hand him and every art project I do with him, always ends in a huge mess. 

Don't even get me started on when he wants to "help mommy clean." Remember the time he mopped the floors with a mop he first dunked in the toilet a few times? Even when I give him the simplest task, he somehow gets sidetracked along the way, and creates a mess. 

For example, last weekend, I had the wild-child run up to his room to get a new pair of shorts. A few minutes pass and he's not back... I go looking for him. Scared for what I might find.

There. On my bed. Was my toddler with a soaking wet washcloth, rubbing at something. Upon closer inspection, laying next to him was an empty oil diffuser bottle. He spilled the bottle on my bed and was trying to clean it up. 

Of course, I nearly died. 

The oil had soaked through my duvet, down comforter and favorite sheets!  I ripped everything off the bed, ran to the washing machine, popped it on hot, dumped in detergent and bleach, tossed in my sheets and duvet and prayed for the best.

Thirty minutes later, out came something that smelled so horrible, I thought the fumes would kill me.  Imagine, Honeysuckle oil, mixed with unscented laundry detergent and bleach. It was atrocious. I couldn't freaking believe it, between the kid dumping oil on my entire bed set, and me thinking bleach would be a good idea, everything, including my comforter were ruined.

I looked over and saw what I though might be my last hope...

I had just been sent a blogger review kit for EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer and Everyday Odor Eliminator. I picked up the container of Laundry Enhancer and read the label...

"EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer can be used to remove a variety of stubborn odors associated with sweat & body odors, chemical odors, musty & mildew smell, fragrances or perfumes on new or thrift store clothing, and scents left behind by detergents and fabric softeners. Color Safe & Non-Bleaching..."  

I decided to give the linens one more wash, if nothing else, I needed to put EnviroKlenz to the test anyway, why not give it the ultimate test? Fixing a Toddler and Mommy made stink bomb! 


Here's The Lowdown On EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer

Promising to remove fragrance and toxic vapors from clothes and linens. The enhancer works with regular laundry detergent by neutralizing the odors and fragrances from your clothing without the use of harsh chemicals, masking agents or fragrances.  
  • Remove Smoke Smell from Clothing
  • Remove Chemical odors or new clothes smell
  • Remove Wet Towels Smells & Mildew Smells
  • Neutralize and Remove Thrift store smell from clothing
  • Remove sweat and Body odors from outdoor or work clothing
  • Remove fragrances and perfumes from clothing and linens
  • Remove odors associated with neglect or storage smells
When the wash cycle ended, I pulled out the first sheet with not very high expecations, this was oil and bleach after all.  

Ho. Lee. Crap!  It worked. 

I had to shove my face into the clean sheets to pick up the fastest smell of bleach. 

I was amazed by the laundry enhancer. And the fact that it doesn't have any added fragrances like other laundry enhancers is a HUGE bonus for the sensitive skin types in my house. 

Since finding out just how effective the EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer is, I have washed our bathroom and kitchen rugs and the cat's bed, and just like with the sheets, they came out clean free of yucky smells!  

Bottom Line: I definitely recommend EnviroKlenz. I was literally wowed by the first wash! 

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