Mom Tip #44 Dress Your Kid In Bright Clothing To Easily Spot Them In A Crowd

September 23, 2015
There is no denying it, my kid is absolutely wild. He is a quintessential three-year-old; always on the go. He runs from point A to point B and back again, he climbs anything that is climbable, and has absolutely no problem running away from FTD or I in big crowds, parties or fun events.

The kid has absolutely no fear! I see toddlers walking with their parents, holding their hands, and think, damn, why can't mine do that? Luckily, I have a mom trick to combat that...

Before we go out to any even that has a large crowd, or lots of children running around, I find the brightest shirt I can find for my kid to wear.

The bright clothing doesn't stop at large events, if we are going to the park on an overcast or dreary day, I dress him in bright colors so motorist can see him. With bright boots too!

It's gotten to the point now where all I buy is bright clothing.  His shoes are bright or light up, his winter jackets are lime green and orange, his hats and gloves are the same. With a kid who is lightening fast, I need all the help I can get to keep an eye on him.

I cannot recommend enough you give the bright clothing method a try for your next big event or family outing.

Do you have a great mom tip for keeping an eye on your child in a big crowd?

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