If You Do Nothing Else This Weekend, Do This...

If you follow me on social media then you know the Aussie (FTD) has a serious garage sale problem.

The man has a HUGE problem, however, I have no plans to stop him.  The things he's found are insane. Now, before we buy anything big, FTD and Ollie hit the Saturday morning garage sales with a list and $20 in hand. (While I sleep in!)

I have to admit, I can't wait for the two to get home to show me their bounty, because it never fails that they score big!

Being that FTD is a master, I asked him to spread his knowledge so you too can be a garage sale master... 

This is a photo I took of him pulling up from a Saturday "ride around the neighborhood."  Everything you see on the moped, including the GIZMO moped, were bought at garage sales in the neighborhood.

*** FTD here *** thought I'd throw in a few pointers about the 'ole Yard sale excitements that Ollie and I look forward to every week.

  1. Check CRAIGSLIST the night before and again at about 8:00am on Saturday for advertised sales in your neighbourhood! Then you don't have to cruise around the streets in your sportscar like you're searching for a hooker.
  2. Save your coins or loose change throughout the week and dump 'em in a grubby ziplock bag. Hand it over to your child of choice and let 'em bargain for his/her own crappy toys.  Nothing melts the heart of a stone-faced seller than a 3 year-old with a handful of pennies trying to buy a 50 inch LCD tv to watch Caillou on.
  3. BUY ATARI 2600 game cartridges!!! Just buy 'em - Even if you don't have an atari! They're great to hold up wonky furniture, you can throw 'em at the neighbor's cat shitting in your yard or use them as vintage cheese platters (for small bits of cheese).
  4. If you find something incredible and you're not 100% sure about it...CALL the wife/husband! Nothing is more unfortunate than bringing home what you believe is an AWESOME find only to have your partner pull a droopy faced scowl and make a comment like "that's going in the shed" or (even better...and more common)..."what were you thinking you imbicile!"
  5. DON'T be an arsehole!  If a nice old lady is selling a fantastic piece of art for $10...PAY the 10 bucks! Nothing makes me cringe more than a fellow bargain-hunter who grabs something obviously under-priced, loudly proclaims that it's "too old/broken/too expensive" then says "will ya take $1".  You KNOW that these peaknuckles will be posting their finds on Ebay within a day or so for 50 times the price!  If you see this kind of crappy behavior, do what I do...instantly offer more than the advertised price to the owner and watch the sausage-head squirm. Even if you don't want the bloody thing.
  6. If someone is having a yard sale in their driveway...Don't park yer V8 super-extended pickup truck in the driveway itself 'cause you "can't find a carpark".  Crikeys! have some respect. I once watched a arrogant banana pull into a driveway (nearly knocking over the owner) music blaring, then get out leaving the engine running and started to rummage through boxes of stuff like a rat looking for a piece of cheese. WANKER!  

Anyways!  The fact is that at 3.5 years, Ollie has learned how to spot a bargain, has an understanding of the value of money and how to interact with sellers. It's a great way to get younger kids using math in a real-world setting and gives your partner a break for an hour or so each week!

Good Hunting!

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