Aug 10, 2015

Why Parents Make The Best Employees

Nothing compares to the on-the-job training children provide. To prove my point, below are ten skills parents possess that make them invaluable to the workforce...

1. Parents can last six weeks with little to no sleep, and still do one hell of a job.

2. Parents not only have a stone cold poker face, standoffs and bluffs are their specialty.

3. Parents have the patience it takes to deal with even the most childish needs-their-ass-wiped boss.

4. Parents are pros at cleaning up messes they didn’t make, with minimal to no complaints.

5.  Spending the day surrounded by children making messes and whining, making it near impossible to get anything productive done is par for the course for a parent. In fact, they are so used to it, they've got crafty ways to work around that nonsense.

6. Parents can spend hours faking interest in a task, game or event and still manage to rock a smile the entire time. 

7. While repetition of the same thing every damn day bores most, to Parents, it’s nothing new.  

8. Parents are used to working their ass off and getting very little recognition or appreciation.

9. Parents are professional hand-feeding, tear-drying, ass-wiping, problem-solving, arbitration dynamos. Needy bosses and lazy co-workers are no different than their child(ren). 

10.  Parents can smell a 'Load o' Poo' from a mile away, and what's more, they know instantly if its hot air or real turds.


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