Why I'm Sending My Three Year Old To Pre-K

My child is three. No way did I think this whole back-to-school thing would hit me so soon.


After encouragement from two school directors, I have decided to let Ollie start Pre-K.

You would too if your not even three-and-a-half year old came to you and said:

"We live on the planet Earth. It's in the Universe. Mommy, can you tell me about the Universe?"

Seriously. The kid said that to me.

I was speechless. Partly because that's the last thing I expected to hear come out of his mouth, and partly because I had no idea how to answer!

This was the turning point for me. There's no denying, my kid is smart. Very smart. And officially on his way to Pre-K.
Thanks to the generosity of Personalization Mall, Ollie was able to pick out a personalized backpack with matching lunch box and pencil/Hot Wheel bag. 

He's learning at a pace I can't keep up with. I need someone qualified to answers my kid's questions. I know I sure can't! Well, son, the Universe... Hold on, let me download something from NatGeo Kids for you...  

Or the other day, I was cleaning up in the kitchen, and Ollie called for me, I told him I would be there "in a second".  Needless to say, I ended up taking more than "a second," which resulted in him asking a few more times, and me replying with, in a second, every time. Eventually, he comes into the kitchen and says, How long is a second, because you're taking forever. 

WHAT THE?  Who is this three year old??

I spent hours upon hours over analyzing whether or not sending him to Pre-K so young was the right thing to do in the first place. He won't even be tree and a half on the day he starts! It feels like too much too soon.  But, after being repeatedly reassured this is the best thing for, "a child like, Ollie," I agreed to start with three days a week, as opposed to five.

I wanted to say, wait until you see how fast a "child like Ollie" can destroy a room, jump over a fence and fly off a flight of steps only to land like Spider Man and start shooting webs at you. Oh, and his favorite things to say are butt, bum, poop, and thanks to an older cousin who goes to Catholic school, "holy hell" and "Christ on a bike".  I promise, I'm working to reprogram him on all of those things, but the latter two words are my primary focus.

It's so important that I give my child opportunities to grow and explore, but at the same time, I don't want to push him. Childhood is such a magical time. I want him to enjoy being a kid for as long as possible.

Sometimes, I feel like parenting is constant trial-and-error. And if you read my blog regularly, than you know I'm about 50/50 for fails and triumphs. But that's also the best part of parenting, you screw up, you fall, you dust yourself off, your kid laughs at you, then you try again. Which is what I'm doing with this school thing. We'll give it a try and if it's a fail, we'll bail.

I'll let you know how it works out for us...

**The above backpack, lunch box and pencil bag, I received free from Personalization Mall. All opinions are my own. And speaking of opinions, I totally recommend this company. Well made, quilted and stitched. None of that iron-on business. They offer a ton of stuff that can be personalized. If you're interested, you can check out the back-to-school stuff they offer, here.

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