UPDATE: Second Day Of School, COMPLETE 180...

If you read yesterday's post, First Day Of School. My Kid Already Claimed Class Clown. #Awesome,  then you know, the first day of school went horribly!  My three year old was awful on his first day of Pre-K.  He didn't listen to the teacher, he kept sticking his tongue out and blowing raspberries, and even almost got sent to the principles office!  After hearing all of this, I was really thinking about pulling the plug on sending him to school early.

Thank goodness I didn't, because day two was much much much better...

But first, I need to back up a little.

When we got home from day 1, I had a heart-to-heart with Ollie about his first day and his behavior.  My heart shattered when he said, "Mommy, I don't like it. When you left me I got very scared."

Hearing those words from my baby, the little human my heart has sworn to protect, nearly killed me.  I really can't imagine the fear he must have felt when I left him!

I spent a great deal of time reassuring him that I will always protect him, will never leave him in a scary place and that school is fun and that's why he goes. And that Mommies and daddies go to work, and boys and girls go to school.

When I walked him into his classroom for day 2, I knelt down and reminded him about how school is safe, fun and above all, I will be right back! Even though he clung to me, he didn't cling as hard as day 1, and let go much easier.  I walked out, looked back and knew, he was OK...

MUCH BETTER than day 1.

Still, I kept my phone close by in case the school called for me to pick up my heathen child.

When the time came to claim my spot in the carpool line, I was nervous and excited. I couldn't wait to see my little guy, but I was a little worried about how day two went...

As I pulled up, his teacher smiled and brought Ollie to the car...

Me:  How did he do?

Teacher:  GREAT! He apologized for sticking his tongue out, and was sweet, kind, and very helpful at clean up time!

I nearly shit my pants. Was I dreaming?  No, I wasn't, because I never would have dreamed up a better day 2!!!!

Me: Fantastic. I'm so happy to hear today was better.  I really want this to work out.

I thanked his teacher again, then pulled up from the carpool line to where you get out and buckle your child into the car seat. I practically flew into the backseat with Ollie. I smothered him in kisses and tickles and praise. I was SOOOOOOO PROUD!

As if that moment couldn't get any better, he grabs my face with each hand, pulls me close and says, "Mommy, I did it. I didn't even get scared when you left me. I like school."

Why, yes, my heart did melt. Tears came to my eyes. In my heart I knew putting him in Pre-k at three was the right thing to do, but this moment solidified it.

I gave Ollie one more kiss, told him how very proud I was of him, then,took him to get ice-cream.

It's hard to be a parent, and make all the right decisions. But if I've learned anything over the last three years, it's to trust my heart, because it has yet to let me down.

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