Does Every Parent Suck At This, Or Is It Just Me?

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One of my only parenting regrets from my son's first year, is not having professional photos made. Of course, I have a hundreds of excuses as to why, but the bottom line is that I didn't take the time. But what I did do was take THOUSANDS of photos. Which, is where my ultimate problem lies.

At any given time, there's at least a thousand photos on my phone. Sometimes, I have to delete a photo on my phone to free up enough space to take a new one. Sad, I know.

Recently, being tired of missing Kodak Moments scrolling through my photo album for a photo to delete, I went through my photo album and did a mass delete. I couldn't believe the number of photos I was hoarding. Some were sets of 10-20 of nearly the same thing. Like Ollie was being so freaking awesome, I couldn't stop taking photos.

Of the 2400 photos on my phone, 326 were irreplaceable to me. I backed the important ones up on a memory stick, the rest I let go of. It was actually super freeing. I cannot recommend a massive photo clean out enough, especially if it takes you five minutes to scroll through your phone's photo album.

Still, one thing bothered me...

I wasn't doing anything with the photos. They were just sitting in virtual phone land collecting virtual dust. My child is three and a half, and I have ONE photo album dedicated to him.

I remember a time when I was in college when I had rolls of film developed regularly. Especially, during the summer months. But now, thanks to digital cameras and smartphones, I can take all the photos that I want, but do nothing with them. Hence the 326 photos I can't part with, yet do nothing with.

This makes no sense?

Is it me, or does every parent have hundreds of photos collecting virtual dust?

Well, I'm drawing the line! I've committed myself to printing out at least 5-10 photos each month. Because, that's the other major change from the old days of developing full rolls of film, I can develop one, two, five or fifty. FYI: 326 will cost me $65! So doing small orders at a time won't send me to the poor house.

Here's the plan, each month I'm printing out 5-10 of my favorites, then immediately placing them in a photo album, that will grow chronologically. In a perfect world, I would have a photo album dedicated to each year of his life.  I certainly have enough photos to put the past three years together. Which, is where I am starting.

Thankfully, there's an App for that! Well, not for making the actual photo album, but an app that works seamlessly with my phone's photo album, social media channels, Flickr, Picasa and  Dropbox! All I have to do is upload the photos I want to print, then choose between having them delivered by mail, or pick them up at Walgreen's.

I'm using Printicular. It's solid Gold, works in seconds, and the last time I sent five photos to Walgreens, they were ready in 15 minutes! #LoveIt

When I picked up my first pack of photos, it was like seeing the photos in a whole new light. It's like there's more nostalgia attached to the photo then just seeing it on my phone, not to mention the fact that it's 4x6 and not my tiny iPhone screen.

After I drool and ooh and ahh over the photos,  I slip the album photos into the album, (And that's it. None of that scrapbooking shit.) spend a few minutes taking a stroll down memory lane, then clobber my son in hugs and kisses.

Best Photo Album Ever!

I even set an alarm on my phone for the last day of the month, for an entire year.

If you have the same phone photo hoarding issue that I have, DO THIS! It's easy, grab a photo album, then download an app that easily connects to your photo albums, pick your faves, then print!

In an effort to motivate you to print out your favorite photos each month, I've partnered with Printicular to give TEN lucky readers one hundred free prints when ordering photos through Printicular and have them sent to Walgreens!

Yes, that's a thousand free photos total I'm giving away!

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