First Day Of School. My Kid Already Claimed Class Clown. #Awesome

Last week my three year old started attending daycare at his new school to help him acclimate.  It also helped that one of his best friends was in the daycare too. While Ollie had some semi-rough mornings, nothing terrible. When I would pick him up, the teachers smiled, called him a sweet boy, and said he was very good.

So, after four days of doing OK with daycare, I had high hopes for him starting Pre-K this week.

So. Much. For. That.

Day one of Pre-K, sucked.

As we walked into the class, Ollie and I found half the class sitting in a semi circle on the floor.  Each kid sitting on a square with their name on it. Ollie and I walked around until we found his name. As I reached down to give him a hug and kiss good-bye, he reached up and clung to me for dear life.

I expected him to put up a protest. I promised I would be back soon, gave him a squeeze, then walked out, without looking back. Just like I had been coached to do by the teachers.

As I left, I heard the teacher asking Ollie to sit on his square. As much as I wanted to turn around, I didn't. I knew if I did, there would be a meltdown. And i do mean both of us.

I'll admit, I LOVE the freedom Ollie going to school gives me.  I run errands in peace, write without being interrupted a million times, have normal phone conversations, clean without having the house wrecked two minutes later... you get it.

Still, I miss him SO much. I look forward to getting him within an hour or so after dropping him off.  (Yes, I know I need my head checked.)

So, when it was time to get him from school, I was giddy!  I couldn't wait to hug and hold him and hear how his day went.

After sitting in the stupid carpool line for 20 minutes, it was FINALLY my turn. I pulled up, seatbelt off, excited to see Ollie and ask his teacher how his day went!!!!!

Teacher:  Ollie, your mommy is here!

Me: How did he do?!

Teacher: He had a good day, except he stuck his tongue out at me and blew raspberries.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

Ollie: Mommy, GO!

So, that was day one? My kid topped the teacher's shit list? He's the Class Clown?


When we got home, as promised, I called FTD to report on Ollie's first day. I told him about the raspberries, and as expected, he laughed out loud and said she probably deserved it.

He's a three year old! How else is he supposed to express his disgust with school and rules?

I'm certainly bummed Ollie's first school day was not the best, but, HE'S THREE!

It's his first day of school. I certainly expected him to be scared, cry and act out.


Two friends with children in Ollie's class called.

Friend: "OMG? Ollie almost got sent to the principles office on the first day?!

My heart sank.

Me: What?

Friend: ...Ollie apparently stuck his tongue out at the teacher so many times, she told him if he didn't stop, he would have to go to the principles office.


I don't know what to say. I really don't. I feel a thousand emotions.

For now, I'm trying not to explode with emotion over load. I have to give this Pre-K thing time to settle before Ollie and I can abort the mission. Yes, he's only three, but he REALLY needs this stimulation. And the teacher knew that going in.

He may be pre-k smart, but he's still emotionally a three year old.

I know it will get better.

It better, get better!

Today is day two. Fingers crossed...

UPDATE: To read how day two went, click here.

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