Bedtime Battle Game Changer... Does Your Monitor Do This?

I've partnered with Levana to talk about the freedom and peace of mind baby monitors offer, and how my monitor has helped me win the bedtime battle! All opinions are my own. 

So who knew, all this time, the answer to my bedtime battle was a baby monitor? Which, calling it a "baby monitor" doesn't do it justice, because over the past three years, the baby monitor has become the toddler monitor, the husband monitor, and most recently, the bedtime battle game changer!

Here are five reasons the baby monitor has proved to be the answer to my bedtime battle woes...

1. Interactivity. Gone are the days of having a monitor that only allows you to stare at your baby. Today, monitors offer multiple ways to interact with your child. My favorite being, the two way microphone!  I LOVE being able to send empty threats to my toddler-- "Get back in bed!" or "Don't make me come up there!"

Another of my faves it that my Keera PTZ Baby Video monitor offers three different lullabies, so no need to do the ninja crawl through his room to turn the sound machine back on. 

Note: A few other incredible features you will find on some of the best baby monitors include, Photo snapping/video recording, seamless day to night vision and an alert to when your baby stirs or calls out, even when the monitor is on mute! (Mine lights up different colors to alert me to different sound intensities.)

2. Multiple cameras. Having multiple cameras for one monitor is EPIC! Needless to say, if you have more than one child, being able to flip between rooms on the same monitor is fantastic, but being able to have a camera in the playroom and bedroom is AWESOME!  I LOVE having the extra camera in FTD's office, which is right off the kitchen, so while I'm cooking, I let Ollie have tech time, and with the extra camera, I can cook and still ensure my kid is not sneaking off his learning programs to watch something horrible on YouTube! My Levana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor offers up to FOUR cameras! Until I can get another, we sometimes move them both upstairs so when Ollie runs to my bed, I can either catch him, or keep an eye on him in both beds. 

3. FREEDOM!!! No more laying in bed... I get to walk around the house, go out and water the lawn, and even chat with a chatty neighbor... until I've had enough--"Oh! Sorry, my kid is waking up from his nap, I have to go. Nice talking with you..." I have HOURS of my life back now that I can slip out of bed, and keep an eye on him. I nearly died when I shouted through the monitor, "GET BACK IN BED" And it worked! It really worked!!!!


4. Video and Pictures. I can take video from my monitor when Ollie is being ultra naughty to save for when he's older, or when I want FTD to see just how crazy the kid is at nap time. 

5. Complete Camera Control. One major improvement in baby monitors over the last few years it the ability to remotely move the camera.  I LOVE THIS! Our first camera required me standing in the nursery moving the camera while FTD shouted orders from our bedroom, "A little left. Can you prop it up a little? Use a book..."  SO ANNOYING!  Today, the best monitors allow for complete camera control from the monitor, including Pan, Tilt and Zoom! My Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor offers remote movement of the camera up to horizontally 300° and tilt vertically 110°!! It's amazing for the playroom when Ollie is moving around, or when he's in my bed I can stay zoomed in on him, no matter how many flips and turns he makes across the king size bed.

Yes, monitors can be very expensive, but they are so worth the investment. Especially if you think about the fact that you'll use it for YEARS!  I bet I'll still have a monitor on my kid when he's eight!  The peace of mind an awesome monitor offers is worth every penny alone. And if you have a second child... this could be a ten year thing!  

If you are going through the bedtime battle too, or just have a crazy kid you need to keep a close eye, and still get things done, I cannot recommend enough using a baby monitor as your secret weapon! 

Think about it, what would you do with the extra time?

FYI:  The monitor I'm featuring in this post is the Levana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor:

                                               Invisible LEDs
                                             ClearVu digital wireless technology (proprietary name for secure digital – others can be hacked)
                                            Robust battery life that exceeds several days
                                      Higher frame rate
                                         Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras
                                    First to market with hi-res 4.3” LCD screens
                                         First to market with easy-to-use GUI
 Levana has one of the only wireless movement monitors on the market

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