One Of The Greatest Parenting Inventions, Just Got An Upgrade! #Love #BobsButtWipes

*I've partnered with Sterling Global Products, LLC, to start a conversation about how awesome butt wipes are for potty training, and what happens when they are kicked up a few notches. All opinions are my own.

Who knew potty training could be such a long, drawn-out process?

For me, it's been a two year extravaganza of pushing, regressing, ridiculous misses and messes, and lots of tears. Mine of course.

As you may already know--because I bitch about it all the time-- I've been trying to potty train my child for two years thanks to my mother-in-law sending potty training pants and big-boy underwear for his first birthday.

Why? Because she says FTD potty trained right after his first birthday. So naturally, Ollie will too... <Insert-cough... that sounds more like me saying, Bullsh!T>

Fine, I'll admit, Ollie is definitely FTD's mini-me, but trying to potty train my toddler at the age of one seemed a little cray-cray.

I was right.

My child was no potty prodigy.

Not. Even. Close.

Thankfully, right after his third birthday, he started using the potty regularly. Nine times out of ten, he  even went without being prompted first! Still, I had to stay close to supervise his potty breaks to keep him safe from falling, and of course, clean.

A HUGE Game Changer for me were Flushable Butt Wipes.

At first, wipes were awesome for quick though convent clean of both my toddler. Then, once the kid decided he needed to be more undefended at pity-time, wipes proved to be great for stopping him from trying to unroll the ENTIRE toilet paper roll. I taught him that the wipes were his special toilet paper, and that he only needed ONE.

The wipes give me piece of mind that he's NOT making a huge mess with the toilet paper roll, and that he's wiping with something much more effective than dry paper.

And then, as if butt wipes couldn't get better, Bob's Butt Wipes, Lil' Booty Adventure Wipes and BouDe' wipes came with their own handy holder! Check this out...

The holder is sturdy, easy to use, and re-fill. Not to mention, the butt wipes being in a convent spot makes it easy for Ollie to grab one without having to turn around or reach down.

Did I mention how funny the names are?  There are multiple colors available to match your bathroom!

Bob's Butt Wipes
Lil' Booty Adventure Wipes
Bou De' Wipes for Women! 

At $9.99 for the holder and a pack of wipes, Bob's Butt wipes are totally worth it. Enter coupon code "FTM&D15" to save 15% off your order! To order now, click here.


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