Because, Some Nights, 10 Minute Dinners Are Essential

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Birds Eye® . The opinions and text are all mine.

Sure, I try to wake up every morning ready to take on the day, be a super duper cape-wearing mother, and make wholesome meals for my family. Unfortunately, on most days, that dream falls apart by noon, when I realize in addition to being a super-mom, I have a million other things I need to get done. So by 5pm, I have no desire to whip together a four course meal for my family. In fact, after a really busy day, all I want to do is pop bag of popcorn, pour a glass of wine, and wish FTD and Ollie luck finding dinner.

Lucky for them, and me, I plan ahead for those nights, because I know they are coming. I always keep a couple of go-to frozen meals on hand for 10-minute dinner night. And nine times out of 10, a Birds Eye® Steamfresh® bag is involved. Sometimes, that's all that's involved!

Another great mom trick I've perfected is sneaking veggies into my kid's diet. LIKE A BOSS. My go-to is either blend veggies in a sauce or cover them in cheese, which never fails. I knew he was my kid when he saw cheese covered food and didn't even ask what the cheese was covering. He saw cheese, and that's all he needed. #ThatsMyBoy #SoProud

I cannot imagine that, if you are a parent, a Birds Eye® Steamfresh® pouch has not crossed the threshold of you house. They are a GREAT PRICE, especially if you clip or download a coupon for them. It's also very nice that the ingredients are just what you see; no extra flavors or fillers, natural goodness.

Moms, I know you know what I'm talking about. The rice and veggie pouch, or cheesy spiral pasta and broccoli, (Olie's FAV!) are simple fast, sure-to-please go-tos. And now, the new Birds Eye® Steamfresh® Flavor Full and Steamfresh® Protein Blends make it possible to throw together a flavor-full well rounded wholesome meal in ten minutes-- Seriously, ten-minutes. I Cook chicken while the Steamfresh® pouch is doing it's thing in the microwave. Voila! Damn-good-dinner! (Thank you, Birds Eye®!)

If you haven't seen the new Steamfresh® Flavor Full and Steamfresh® Protein Blends yet, LOOK FOR THEM!

Steamfresh® Flavor Full

Steamfresh® Protein Blends

I grab them at Meijer when I'm doing the all-in-one shopping trip. You know, because a mom needs one-stop shopping when a toddler is in tow, especially mine. Last time we went I needed dinner, a new laundry basket and a plastic bat and ball... so I can get FTD and Ollie On America's Funniest Home Videos. Thank you super center creator person, moms everywhere love you.

Is my kid the only one who's ears cease to work the second you walk into Meijer? The kid has a one track mind the second we step in the store...

Actually, I shouldn't compalain, I use Sandy as a bartering tool to get the wild-child to behave. "Int in the cart the entire time the you can ride Sandy.

It works like a charm... Even though I have to let him inspect everything that goes in the cart.

After a little explaining that he was going to LOVE the yummy corn, he approved my dinner plan. Wer're having grilled fish tacos with the new Birds Eye® Southwest Protein blend-- whole grains, black beans, corn, lentils, red bell peppers, and sauce. All I have to do is grill the fish while the
Steamfresh® is doing it's thing in the microwave. And the best part my 10-minute dinner translates into very little to clean up too. LOVE IT!

How do you incorporate Birds Eye® Steamfresh® Sides into your fast and flavor-full meals? Birds Eye® and I want to know! Birds Eye® is offering a $25 Meijer Gift Card to to the reader who has the best comment/idea on how they incorporate the new Steamfresh® Sides into their own meals! Please leave a comment below and tell me all about it.
The Winner's recipe will be added to the moms meals page!

Oh, before you go to Meijer to grab a few Steamfresh® Protein Blends or Flavor Full packs, don't forget to sign up for Mejer M-Perks before you go.

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Birds Eye® new products: Steamfresh® Flavor Full and Steamfresh® Protein Blends - in 8 varieties!
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Birds Eye® . The opinions and text are all mine.

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