You Can Just Call Me, The Gardener Girl. #NoMoreCrapStrawberriesEver

One of the most exciting things about becoming a homeowner last may, was knowing I could finally have the garden I've always dreamed of.
Dubai Miracle Garden
Up until buying my first home last summer, I'd spent the past 10 years in a 3rd floor walk up with a north facing balcony. Still, my love for gardening was not dampened by my unfortunate position, I tried to grow everything I thought I had a chance. One year I grew a jalapeño plant, and let me just tell you, those FIVE Jalapeños were the best I ever had.

As much as I want to grow an entire farmer's market in my backyard, I know I need to set reasonable attainable goals the first few years. So, I am starting with the basics; herbs and hearty veggies that grow well in my area, and of course, Ollie's two favorite fruits, Strawberries and Grapes!

Before you shake your head and place bets against me and my poor gardening track record, I'm getting a little help from the house! The bones for a raised garden, a large grape trellis and even strawberry pot were all waiting here for me.  I just have to figure out how to use them...

The good news about trying to figure all of this stuff out now, well before growing season, is that I can't really plant anything outside for another 6-8 weeks, so I have plenty of time to plan out my perfect garden, and learn how to grow it!

Being that I'm I am chomping at the bit to get started, I let Ollie bulldoze my garden spot while I cleaned out the strawberry pot.  As for that big white monstrosity, Grapes used to grow and thrive on it. There's not one neighbor that hasn't told me about the beautiful grapes that grew on it.  Did you know, a grape vine can last 30 years? Unfortunately, a foolish gardener, (NOT ME!) killed them.  

I've spent the last two months doing all kinds of research on how to plant, care for and harvest a thriving veggie patch, grow grapes and raise strawberries in a proper strawberry pot. But just so you know where I started, I thought that pot was for growing funny looking Cacti! 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to finalize the plans, and post separately on each gardening endeavor, with how to's and before and after's for each: growing Grapes vines, psucsessfully planting and growing hearty strawberries in a pot, and then there's the biggest task of all, making a raised garden... Again, I say, I'm determined! So stay tuned...

Please, if you have any tips for creating a raised garden bed, growing hearty grapes, or planting strawberries in that funny pot, please share!

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