10 Super Cute Valentine's Day #DIY Crafts, Sweets and Treats For Kiddos of All Ages

Can you believe Valentine's Day is almost here?! I'm still getting over Christmas! And I don't just mean mentally, I'm still financially recovering. In an effort to not spend like a fool this Valentine's day, I've decided to make my own damn Valentines!

I found so many cute ideas I just had to share, so today's Top 10 Tuesday it's all about Valentine's Day crafts the whole family will enjoy making, receiving and eating!

Create the document in a Word program leaving room for those little fingers and toes.  
Print out on sturdy paper stock.
Then dip those tiny fingers and toes in non-toxic paint.


Salt Dough Stepping Stones
This is so easy!
1 Cup of salt
1 Cup of Flour
1/2 Cup of Water
Roll out like dough then form into a heart.
Get those little toes and a butter knife!
Once the foot prints are made, use a butter knife or thing end of fork to press in the letters rather than draw or drag.
Once design is finished, bake at 200F (or 100C) for 3 hours.Once it's completely cool, paint and let dry.
FYI: I want to make one on every birthday to surround a tree in the back yard. 

Use old cereal, tissue or shoe boxes to make a super cute Valentine's holder.

Don't forget to make something awesome to put in the Valentine's day boxes! 

      Yummy Family Fun Pizza Night!
NOTHING says, I Love You, Man, like bacon hearts!


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