Soccer, Swim Lessons, Kung-fu, Learning Box... What Am I Missing?

In exactly one month, my little two will be a THREE!



My kid will be three.

My Sweet Baby... Three.

While it pulls at my heartstrings to think of my baby growing up, I know I need to embrace it.

I want so bad to offer my son as many opportunities as possible, and now that he's older, it's time let him try new (big boy) things. I need to help him further develop his cognitive, fine and gross motor skills with stimulation suitable for a three-year-old. I've been scouring the Internet and asking friends what threes are ready for. So far, I've found indoor soccer, swim lessons, art classes, karate and toddler tumbling.

For the record, no way in hell I'm letting my toddler learn kung-fu kicks anytime soon. I don't care how big the self-esteem and gross motor skill boost is; my kid is nuts, and therefore has no business learning how to break my furniture in half!

I've decided to start with soccer and swim lessons...

I am so excited for his soccer to start next week. FTD and the wild-one have been watching soccer together since Ollie was only a few weeks old. Now, the two play soccer in the backyard, and much to my horror, in the house, regularly.

It's not even that I have any hopes of him being the next David Beckham; I just want him to have a place to expend energy while learning about self-control and team sports.

Learning to swim is a no-brainer. Being that we live only a few miles from the Ohio river, I take Ollie to a park that overlooks the river where he can watch boats and wood float by. He LOVES it.  He also asks to "walk" over to the boat.  He has no concept of swimming and thinks the river is only a small obstacle to him getting on a boat.

That freaking terrifies me.

I watch him like a hawk and stay within arms reach of him the entire time we are close to the river or any water for that matter.

The swim lessons are for both of us; once he learns to swim I might not be such a basket case around water.

I've also got a "learning box" that's full of arts and crafts, matching games, puzzles and assorted learning activities. When Ollie gets bored, or needs something to do other than watch trains or car washes on YouTube, I pull out the box and let him choose an activity.  Luckily, he loves all of his options, so tricking him getting him to engage in a learning activity is easy.  No matter what Ollie plays with I feel really good about it!

I HIGHLY recommend putting together a learning box.

I still can't believe my two is about to turn three, but I'm doing my best to embrace it.

What about you?  So many of you have twos that already have or are about to turn three, are you getting creative too?  What activities have you found that your toddler loves?

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