10 Signs That Your Child Is Spoiled. Or A Toddler. Same Thing.

I recently came across an article on POPSUGAR titled "10 Signs That A Child Is Spoiled." At first I thought, Ugh. Do I really want to read this?

Inherently, I know my kid is spoiled. I am a spineless twit when it comes to that kid. I spend my days trying to come up with creative ways of saying, "no" because the word itself doesn't register with him.

I read the article. I had to. 

I'm so glad I did! By number four on the list, I was laughing my ass off.  It was clear my kid was spoiled, but according to the list, it wasn't all my fault. Or FTD's.  

It was Nature's fault. 

As in, the Nature of the beast...

Here's the list and my thoughts on each one:

1. S/He throws tantrums, often.  

 --HA! He's a toddler. Tantrum is his nickname. 

2. He isn't ever satisfied.  

--Debatable. He's satisfied... when he gets his way.  Does that count?  

3. He isn't helpful.

--Well... He's "helpful," just not in a helpful way.  He's always happy to help in his own way, which usually includes either making a huge mess or making things take three hundred times longer than they should. Or both.

4. He tries to control adults.  

--HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hell yeah he tries to control adults. He was born thinking that was how things worked. When it comes to just about everything, he tries to control the situation. This would be why he's sleeping in my bed, not potty trained, picking out his breakfast and lunch and bitchy about bathtime and bedtime.

5. He frequently embarrasses you in public.  

--Um. Yes. Always.  He's a toddler! His behavior in public is atrocious. Before we even leave the house, I start prepping him for our day and what he will get if he is a "good boy."  It never works. The kid's behavior in public is work-in-progress that might kill me. 

6. S/he Won't Share. 

--He is really great about sharing.  Except when it comes to his food or candy.  He will cut someone over his food or candy. 

7. You have to beg him.

--I'm not a beggar. I'm a barterer.  "If you go to sleep, I won't lose my shit..." 

8. He ignores you.  

--I wouldn't say he ignores me... Unless, if staring right at me with the look of, "I can do what I want, and right now, it's not what you want," while continuing to do whatever he wants, then yes, he ignores me. In my defense, I shoot back my best, "Are you kidding me right now?" look.  From there the standoff can go in many different directions.  Sometimes, literally many directions when I have to chase him.

9. He won't play alone.  

--He has always been good about playing alone in short 10-15 bursts before seeking me out.  Still, I can tell the older he gets, the more he wants a regular playmate.

10. You have to bribe him. 

--Ha! Is there any other way?

I must be in denial, because even though I could identify with more than a few of the traits listed, I don't think my kid is spoiled. Sure, he puts up a toddler size protest to many things, but he goes along with even more. Most of his ridiculousness is wanting to explore things on his own and test his limits. Which, at just shy of three years old, is par for the toddler-course. 

What do you think about the list?  Is your child spoiled or annoyingly age appropriate? What age do you think this list best relates to?

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