Feeding a Toddler… SUCKS! SUCKS! SUCKS!

Remember the days when I would brag about my wonderful baby who would eat anything I put in front of him?  Yeah, well… those days are gone. LONG GONE! Here are the days of throwing, smashing and swatting food away. You would think Oliver was aspiring to be the next member of the Blue Man Group the way he launches food out into the audience. (Me, FTD and Professor the cat) It SUCKS!

I don’t know what happened!  When he first started becoming a picky eater I attributed it to teething.  So at each attempted feeding, after I finished scrapping his meal off of my face and the cat (who is always at Ollie’s feet a feeding time waiting for a bite), I would let him skip to dessert, frozen yogurt squeezes, ice cream or popsicles. 

Eventually, concerned for his nutritional needs, I started trying to give him soft meal options- peas, corn, more yogurt, avocado, pasta... really anything I knew he liked that was soft.  No luck!  Sometimes he would even throw the pasta at me. Which is totally bunk since I know it is his favorite!  WTF?! I don’t get what is going on!  Things I know he likes he still launches at me.

Every meal is a crapshoot.  I feel like I should start a game show that features Toddlers called, Will he Like it? Or Will I wear it?  It’s not right.  I have a big plastic tarp I put down now to catch all of the ridiculousness he propels at me. My kid is freaking Gallagher!

Oh, I am SO FRUSTRATED!  At this point all that I now he will eat for sure is frozen yogurt squeeze sticks, ice cream and popsicles. 

You all don’t even say teeth!  No way can teeth be the reason for this. It’s been over a month! Plus, things I know he loves he doesn’t want anything to do with.  Plain and simple, the kid is messing with me.  FULL STOP!

Little does he know, I found an invention that will make meal time much easier....
Kidding... Kind of...

I am at a loss. Everyday I try something new, and when that fails I give him the stand-by, crackers, strawberries, a banana and something frozen.  I hate giving in, but the man-child must eat! He used to be such an awesome eater. I hope this is just a phase… dammit it better be! 

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