This is Quite Possibly the Best App for New Moms! NuuNest Review & #Giveaway!

I recently was given the opportunity to review a new mom and breastfeeding app called NuuNest.  My friends, I have used so many apps it is not even funny, but I can honestly tell you that I have never seen or used one this helpful.  If only it was around when I was pregnant and in my first few months of parenting... I am sure I would have had an easier go of everything!  Seriously.  This app is a HUGE help, and well, I am going to go so far as to say a Godsend because it is so packed with helpful information, tips, tools and even sends daily reminders EVERY new mom and even the been-there-done-that moms need! I present to you the NuuNest by Cindy & Jana...

The NuuNest App was created by Cindy and Janna...  Taken directly from their website, this says it all...

"Cindy and Jana are nurses who have been working together with families since 1995 and have assisted over 20,000 families. They have been International Board Certified Lactation Consultants for a combined total of over 30 years.

Cindy and Jana witnessed parents being inundated with paper information regarding newborn care. Many parents discarded the pamphlets, leaflets and brochures and opted to search for electronic information. It was difficult, however, for parents to determine which online sources could be trusted. The company and partnership of “Cindy and Jana” therefore emerged in 2012."

The whole part about discarded leaflets and pamphlets... yeah, I have no idea what happened to ours either... and besides my complete frustration with the contradicting parenting books, FTD and I both spent hours consulting Dr. Google on one issue or another only to again find more scary scenario info than anything else.  And don't even get me started on new mom and nursing frustrations!! This app would have saved us so many hours... and maybe a disagreement or two as well...

The NuuNest App is a comfort to new mothers.  It really is.  And clearly I am still harboring issues from being a new mom because when I first got started with the app I spent 20 minutes reading through every section, nodding and thinking WHERE THE HELL WAS THIS INFORMATION WHEN I NEEDED IT!!!???!!!  Here take a look at a few screen shots I took... 

Clearly, I love this App.  I love it so much that it is now officially my shower gift to new moms and been there done that moms at delivery.  The app is $4.99.  I admit, it sounds like a lot, to me at least, I cringe over $.99 apps, but I tell you this is worth it.  imagine nursing at 3am, for what seems like 47 hours, this app will keep you entertained with super important information, tips and even set up reminders! I get this one everyday reminding me to give my baby his Vitamin D... Which I actually use to remember to take my own vitamins!  

My friends, if you are expecting or a brand new mother, first timer or been there done that, get this app!

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