The Top Baby Names of 2012 according to the US Social Security Administration are out!

For those of you who read my Tired of Being Pregnant Blog, you know what a pain in the ass it was for FTD and I to name Ollie.  I hated his names, he hated mine.  We could not even agree on a short list! When we went into the hospital for delivery I was set on Finley and He was set on Oliver, and neither one of us was going to budge! Then fate reared it's ugly head in my face... the mother in the delivery room next to us had just given birth and named her baby Finley.  I was crestfallen...

The only thing FTD and I could agree on when it came to naming our son was that we didn't want a popular name.  We wanted something different, but not too different, like Coconut- we aren't famous we couldn't pull it off. So when the baby next door was born with my name, I caved.  Oliver it was.

Here is the not so funny part, Oliver is EXTREMELY popular in Europe and Australia, so depending on where we are, he may not be the only Oliver in his class.  According to The Social Security database Oliver ranks number 73 for 2012 but #305 in 2000 so the name is gaining a bit of steam.

Now on to what you probably want to know.  The Top 10 Boy and Girl Names of 2012 according to the U.S Social Security Administration.  

                            BOYS    GIRLS

If your baby's name is not on this list, but you want to know where his/her name ranks, Click Here to find out. 

I have to say I am a little shocked that Chloe is not on this list.  I have five girlfriends who gave birth to Chole's in 2012. FIVE!  And to see Olivia on the list, but not Oliver! OK?  What do you think. Any shockers or names you think should be on the Top 10 list instead?

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