The current state of the US Educational System. Is this it?

It's FI Friday" and you know what that means... caution is in the wind and I am about to run my mouth!

My friends… Buckle up…

When I think of the current state of the Educational Systems in the United States, my heart breaks. Twenty years ago when I was in school in Miami, Florida no less, there were no metal detectors, no books or two page ($200) school supply lists to furnish and from what I can remember, teachers were still happy to teach. I enjoyed learning, socializing and felt safe in my environment. Actually, I didn't even think about my safety... it was a given because IT WAS SCHOOL!

Today However...

I have absolutely NO faith in the U.S. School system. The government is constantly cutting crucial funding, YET the board personnel are still making six figures salaries while the teacher’s atrocious salaries are barely meeting the poverty guidelines. And let's not forget the huge elephant - the fact that our children are no longer safe in school! There is a serious disconnect in this country with educational funding, standards and classroom level etiquette.  

I find this disconnect to be one of the biggest problems facing America today. Our children are our future and if we as a country cannot even provide something as basic as education and a safe place to learn, then how can we call ourselves a super power?  Or maybe we are today, but no way are nurturing a future generation to carrying on that legacy.

I appreciate the teachers of then and now so so so much- the good, the bad, the mean ones and even the worn out-sick of the system shitting on them-tenure ones. However, I wager to say all teachers start off as‘good’ ones, then over time become jaded by uninterested kids, and a system that appears to be equally uninterested in education.

There was a time when teachers were given the tools to be great teachers. Why have these essential tools been stripped? The financial support from the state and national levels to these individual teachers is all but gone.

Today, teachers are required to purchase (out of pocket), all classroom supplies needed for them to teach! Because of this massive cut in spending, parents of first-graders had to provide a list of supplies for their children two pages long that included boxes of tissues and toilet paper, TOILET PAPER!  Is the government not even providing that level of the basics?

I just don’t understand - if teachers are paid squat, parents are paying for uniforms, classroom supplies, books, lunches and now toilet paper, where in the hell is the funding going? 

It absolutely blows my mind that the pay level of a classroom teacher barely scrapes above the single income poverty line.  Seriously?

Or what about the fact that the violence in schools today is at an all time high? What’s being done about that? So far,very little.

The Lobbyist with their arsenal of weapons are staying rich and fat on The Hill, while parents are burying their children? 

Again, what are we saying?  We would rather not spend the time to crack down and re-write legislation then provide a safe environment for our children? THIS IS OUR REALITY!   

Thanks to this reality, the thought of sending Oliver off into the current school system, (public especially), terrifies me!  I am so thankful that my son is only a year old. Because within the next four years I will be better able to gauge whether or not homeschooling will be my only option to provide my son with a safe,  nurturing, learning environment.

I also wonder if the current situation creates an entire new learning environment where brilliant teachers branch off to start homeschooling programs for multiple kids out of their basements.  Bet your ass I would take that option over traditional schools in a heartbeat.

I am just growing more and more outraged as I write this post.  I feel sick for the future of the education system.  I feel sad for the wonderful teachers out there following their life long dream to teach, but at the sacrifice of a comfortable living wage!

With constant budget cuts and the increase in indifference of teachers and educators alike, what will it take to get the US Education System back on track?  What will it take to create a safe effective learning environment for our kids?  

I can go on like this forever, but I think I'd better stop and let you speak.  What are your thoughts? Shay, Lucy, Helen… the three of you are such wonderful and passionate teachers, what are your thoughts?
What is your educational system like?

Parents: Are you a paying an obnoxious amount of money for your child to attend a school where the learning is becoming sub-par and the metal detectors are becoming common place?  What do you think the solution is?

Please I hope someone tells me I am wrong, and it is not nearly as bad as I think...

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