Forgive me friends for I suck. But people who use the term Ginger suck even more in my book!

So, today is supposed to be the next awesome installment in F.I. FRI which incase you do not know, means Eff It! Just because I am a mom blogger doesn't mean I always have to talk about parenting.  However, in case you haven't noticed, this week I have been slacking... I have only talked about parenting once, and published two product reviews and that's it, just three posts!  Super out of character I know.  I have been feeling so run down all week.  I don't feel sick, or have any flu like symptoms, I am just worn ass out and sleeping like ka-ka. (It's time for a new bed... and warm sunny weather.) Anyways, I am going to have to say F.I. to any real post today, because I am too much of a worn out dope to make sentences stream together long enough to make any real sense.

I'm sorry I will get my shit together... and I promise when I do, I will write like a super hero and bust out some awesomeness... you know how I do! For now, I am sorry.  I have to go crawl back in bed and pray that FTD lets me stay there...

Oh, wait!  I do have one thing to say.  Lately I have heard the term "Ginger" being thrown around like it is an acceptable way to describe a person.  Well, personally, as a mother of a redhead I think it is offensive, just as "red" was twenty years ago.  What makes it ok that people can point their finger and say, "He is a ginger?"  I think that is just plain rude.

What difference does it make if someone has red hair? I am a blonde and HATED the constant blonde jokes. I have no doubt that red heads are annoyed and offended by being called names over the color of their hair too.  It is discrimination and in my book, that is low.

If you are someone who uses the term ginger to describe someone with red hair, please stop.  Or at lease ask someone you know with red hair what they think of it to get some prospective. My son has strawberry blonde hair, and people are constantly pointing it out. Calling him a ginger is not something I find endearing at all!

TIP: Just in case you were not taught this... When you point a finger at someone, 3 fingers are pointing back at you.  Go ahead, try it, point your finger... see I told you so.

Have a great weekend everyone, I will be on my game like a Louisville Cardinal in no time!


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